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Crochet Tunic

Crochet tunic is something I wanted for a while! And it is kind of simple thing to crochet, but I had no idea where and how to wear it... I lived in Santiago de Compostela and when we traveled to the beach, the water is pretty cold there and from another point of view...
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Turquoise yarn and Clover crochet hooks

I got this cotton for the crochet course I've opened recently "Crochet a Skirt You Love". And I'm knitting a maxi skirt)) oh my! I do hope I'm gonna love it, because, you know, I'm not a "maxi skirt" kind of A tiny bit about the course, nothing special, just...
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I decided to visit all fabric shops at Urquinaona metro station and thought that Donna Teixits could be a nice next fabric shop to have a look at. I took few weeks to restore my nervous system after visiting Gratacos... and I thought that I was finally ready to give...
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One Shoulder Backpack

I wanted to sew a backpack for awhile and I've been eyeing those with only one shoulder, thinking that there is something special and unusual about them. Well, it is true, one shoulder backpack does look different, but that one shoulder is not as comfortable as I was...

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Self-Drafted Skirt Nº1

Before I start...haha, yeah I've been sitting in the metro and that is why it is slightly wrinkled on the back.. Alejandro said it was totally fine, but definitely our view on "details" is different, lol! And another little, this time it is on me, I'm wearing swimsuit...

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Self-Drafted Pants Nº1

My first self-drafted pants and these are for my hubby. It's a little bit funny how last year I took all my courage in my hands and bought some fabrics and the first thing I decided to sew were pants for Alejandro. This year I did something similar, I decided to draft...

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This month I was celebrating my 1st year in sewing! I couldn't believe it, that actually took myself into my hands and ordered my 1st fabrics online last year... omg! I did it! Since then I couldn't stop! lol Sewing became something more to me than just a hobby! It...

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