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Sewing Blog / Knitting Blog – 16/10/17-22/10/17

This week, I did not sew much and I truly I had no idea what I'll tell you in this post... But looks like the lingerie I've sewn it is just enough to talk about it)) As you remember I told you before that I got this Craftsy course, and it was time to start pushing...
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Winter yarn from Drops – getting warmer

I got this fabulous winter yarn during discount period, Alejandro just pushed me to buy Looks like I have a weird belief that if I won't buy anything warm, then winter just won't come...Crazyyy!!!! I know, I know, winter is coming and it does not depend on...
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DIY Beach Bag – Travel Bag

This beach bag - travel bag was born exactly before we moved to Barcelona. We needed to move fast and I did not have time to make plans on what to sew, but I had huge amount of pieces of fabrics which I did not really want to throw away, but at the same time I saw...
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My sewing table from Ikea + more options

As you've seen in the video I got time to choose my sewing table from IKEA and there were small details I wanted to pay attention to. Just in case here is the chair I got, and this is the same one but in light color) Really comfy for all-purpose, like sewing,...

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Sewing for man – >Blue shorts for my husband

These blue shorts was a fast an easy make. I made them based on the sloper I made for my man before, they are like his first me-drafted pants, but these ones are with elasticated waistband. He lost just too much weight in the past months, I could not risk sewing...

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Colourmart Yarn: silk and silk/cotton

It was in...end of July I believe when I got my Colourmart yarn, but, hey! life is busy, lol How could I forget to share this with you?? I'm really sorry! Here is what I bought for the "Crochet a Skirt You Love" course) I've washed it, steamed it, and I really love...

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Animal Print ✁ Fabric Collection

Animal print was always my favorite, but... WHen I was at "school age" my parents never let me wore even a simple scarf with it, it was way too"liberal" for them. Later on, I never got to have enough clothes with animal print, because it's kind of complicated to find...

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