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Sustainable Handmade Wardrobe | Man Edition #mmmay18

Sustainable handmade wardrobe for man sounds a little bit crazier than the same thing for a woman... Why? Well, I just think my man does not put so MUCH attention in what he wears (I really have no problem with that), the main for him is that he likes it, and the...

Sustainable Handmade Wardrobe | week 5 #mmmay18

These days sustainable wardrobe might be a dream unless you are sewing for yourself. Even in this case, it is very very difficult to find out where your fabric comes from... As long as I remember myself I did my best to wear only natural fibers. I still do so and I...

Sustainable Handmade Wardrobe | week 4 #mmmay18

I started thinking how sustainable my wardrobe is! More than 90% of it is handmade and in 98% is made out of natural fabrics. I gave to 2% to elastane, lol))) But hey! I did not realize it before, although I have been dressing like that for more than a year now))!!!...

MeMadeMay2018 – week 3 | #MMMay18

This week of #memademay2018 was hot! Not like super hot! But I could forget about my boots and jackets even during evening walks) yay! Check out week 1 to see how cold May started this year)) And here is week 2. If you are not sure what is #mmmay18 - is the month when...

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Plaid Jacket | self-drafted

My first plaid jacket and I absolutely adore it! I made it super warm in order to spend less time on dressing up when I need to take a fast trip to buy some groceries. And this jacket is working out just right! Although it is self-drafted it is not my design, I used...

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MeMadeMay2018 – week 2 | #MMMay18

This week of #memademay2018 also started cold...But I could wear more skirts this week! Although on Monday I needed my winter jacket again because in the morning it was only 8C!!! Freezing for May! Well, but it is getting better))) How are you enjoying May? Check out...

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MeMadeMay2018 – week 1 | #MMMay18

Me Made May 2018 started crazy cold and with rain! Writing this I remember myself wearing a bikini in April, weird uh? Yeah, back to boots and jackets)) In this post, you can see the recap of the outfits I wore during the first week of May with some details. Those...

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Crochet mini skirt | free pattern

I could call this crochet mini skirt a never-ending project, but I finished it! I probably spent more time on this one, than on maxi and midi all together, lol! No, this crochet mini skirt is not difficult at all, it is just something in me, that did not want, and...

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The Complete Book of Sewing

I diminished the importance of sewing book for a long time, deciding to learn from YouTube and other free online information. But 8 months later I was suggested to try The Complete Book of Sewing and I was amazed how much information I could have at my hands, easy,...

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Crochet midi skirt | free pattern

It is not my first time with this crochet midi skirt. My first crochet skirt by this pattern was made maybe 4 years ago or so, you can spot a photo of it in this post. It is very different, well, I am also very different on that picture, right? It was also my first...

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Crochet maxi skirt | free pattern

I never liked maxi skirts, and especially never planned to crochet maxi skirt until...I actually have no idea what happened to change my mind, but here I am in a crochet maxi skirt offering you a free pattern for it) Was it fast? Yes! Was it easy? Yes! Was it fun? Oh,...

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