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Self-Drafted Pants Nº1

My first self-drafted pants and these are for my hubby. It's a little bit funny how last year I took all my courage in my hands and bought some fabrics and the first thing I decided to sew were pants for Alejandro. This year I did something similar, I decided to draft...
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This month I was celebrating my 1st year in sewing! I couldn't believe it, that actually took myself into my hands and ordered my 1st fabrics online last year... omg! I did it! Since then I couldn't stop! lol Sewing became something more to me than just a hobby! It...
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Ginger Jeans by Closet Case Patterns | Jeans in Black

I finished my Ginger Jeans a while ago, just didn't get the time to edit and publish, really sorry about it, BUT! I had more time to test them and I can 100% say that I love wearing these jeans a lot! They came out the most comfortable pair of jeans I've ever had,...
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Fabric Haul ♥

Couldn't NOT to repeat it one more time of how much I love these fabrics!!! is definitely my favorite spot now for fabric shopping!) Can't wait to show you everything I'll make out of it!) Want to plan your wardrobe exactly for your body? Check out...

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Plan with me ♥ MARCH SEWING

"Did January and February really happened, or it was December and then March?" I've read it in Instagram in the beginning of March and accepted immediately! Can't believe it is March and now writing this post, I can't believe that it is the end of March, lol! I've...

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Cheyenne Tunic by Hey June in Flannel

I've been thinking to make Cheyenne Tunic for a while, I thought of it in a shirt variant, with a classic collar, but ended up with this fabulous v-round-neckline and in tunic length)) lol Long time thinking usually changes all plans! I didn't change the pattern or...

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Alison Sports Bra by Pinup Girls

This is my first sewing project of the year! I was so happy to start, as I needed a new sports bra for my exercise routine. You can see all the details of this sports bra in this video from the minute 6:12 For a while, I wanted a super supportive sports bra in a...

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Plan With Me February 2017 ♥ SEWING

So here are the links to what I'm planning to sew during what is left from February. lol, Hope to have time for it, because only now writing this I realized that it is 16!!! OMG! Plus to what you see below I also want to make a bomber jacket for my hubby! Oh, and...

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