Sewist or sewer? I decided to be the sewist after reading Thread magazine’s description of the two. No matter who you choose to be if you sew at home, then this whitelist for home sewist might help you with choosing where to fabric shop online and maybe with pattern companies.

Here you will find fabric shops I love, no sponsoring content, only real life, where I shopped with my own money, got great fabric and was treated very well. I will also add pattern making companies I had a good experience with.

If you love some fabric shops (or specific pattern) companies, please share in the comments, I would love to know and it is a great thing to spread love in sewing community, so we can get as much positive experience as we can! Also if I had a good experience with something, doesn’t mean it is 100% like this for everyone, let us know if you were treated badly (or bought faulty products) somewhere.

You might want to check BLACKLIST for home sewist, in case you had a bad experience with something and wanna share it (to help others stay away from something bad), or maybe you want to check out fabrics shops (pattern companies) which are better to have far.

Oh, and I choose fabric shops based on how big choice of natural fabrics they sell, I just prefer no get lower than 80% in natural fiber content in a fabric…

Stay happy and walk toward positive emotions!

  1. Merchant Mills – I bought two or three times from them, and I always got amazing fabrics and great customer service and also super stylish packing with very fast shipping (UK -> Spain) And once I had a problem with fabric I was refunded with no questions.
  2. Jersey Fashion – if you are looking for a fancy print, look no further, this shop has it all, and further, special when it touches jersey. I’ve never had a better experience with jersey! They also sell linen, cotton..great quality, great color choice and also amazing customer service. Shipping is a little bit pricey, but the fabrics definitely worth it! Oh, and I think they ship worldwide 😉
  3. La Fab Tessuti – only in Italian, but as I understood they ship worldwide. Great fabric choices and prices (cheapest silk I found in EU). Love customer service too. I would love the shipping to be cheaper (I would shop there more in this condition, lol), but again, comparing to fabrics choice/quality, worth it! Oh, and they do sale two time per year Agust and February, so you can buy cheaper fabrics to balance with shipping cost. Oh, and you can write in English, Laura from customer service speak it perfectly!
  4. Fabworks – first time I shopped there, I did not like to receive a broken parcel, but the fabrics and the garments I made out them lasted me sooo long, and gave them a crazy wear time! So, I decided to give them another try, and I wrote to customer service to “super pack” my parcel, they did) I would totally recommend you this shop for cotton, but I would suggest not to go for cheap wool, it kind of doesn’t last at all. They do have good customer service and you can find gold there for the very small money. Worth check out 100%!


From your comments:


  1. Michael Levine. (Thank you, Myra!)
  1. Closet Case Files – I had good experience sewing them and I also learned a lot during the process!
  2. By Hand London – I loved sewing the dress, smooth, no errors, but I think can add something extra to the description for the higher quality finish of the garment.
  3. Papercut patterns – oh, I really learned a lot sewing a jacket, and it was easy and fascinating. Also, customer service is great, as I wanted to ask how to finish better one part of the jacket and I received very detailed explanation by email.