When I saw Vogue 9187 I felt in love with it! I could never buy a RTW top with pricess seams that will fit me, not even close! And as you could see I’m not into vintage, but I did learn that there are so many vitage patterns that I can use for my style) I think if I just change the fabric and mix it up with something modern it will “very me”! I’ve sewn it back in September.

Let me confess first…the sewing journey of this pattern wasn’t easy at all! I decided to use some scraps of fabric left over from my hubby’s shirt, and I went for view D, no sleeves and lower neckline in front)

I also decided to use bias tape for the armhole and neckline, I just wanted to see how I can fit it on me, and there were not much fabric to cut those pieces too, maybe in the future))

I sewn it all together, and before I added zipper and bias, I put it on, and saw that there must be some fitting done, lol! I went for my hubby, as I couldn’t possible pin anything at me back.. it was as a horror movie for him, he saw the process as pinning needles in me, lol He did such a great job!!! Unfortunately it wasn’t enough for him, he kindly asked me not to sew anything else there he will need to pin needles in me anymore, so traumatized, lol!!!

So after his pinning, I baste it and tried again, and asked him to pin again, and then repeated it two times more..omg! We both were tired of the process, and even his “hidden happiness of how good he can pin didn’t help at all. It took us a week to get to the fit we wanted. It is not perfect at all, but it is the best princess seam top I’ve ever had!!! I’m so happy!

After attaching the zip, I decided that the next version will have exposed zip or hidden one. I’m not a fan of how the zipper looks like now, but I do love the top)

The pattern is really good, I loved the instruction, it was actually my 1st Vogue pattern)) and I can definitely say it is just the beginning)))!

I recommend it and I would suggest going for stretch cotton for this top, it might be much more comfortable to wear it)



fabric information

V9187 Misses’ Jewel or Scopp-Neck, Princess-Seam Tops by Vogue (UK and US)

size 14


bust – 93 cm (36,6 in)

waist – 77 cm (30,3 in)

hips – 101 cm (39,7 in)


Denim Bag by me

Earrings made by me



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