Turquoise kimono, summer hot day, ahh I’m in a dream world now.. Not complitely dream world, because it was all hot until November came, and I was enjoying this turquoise kimono a lot))

ohh, and I’m not modeling it, it’s my dressing gown, kind of private item of the wardrobe for me…sorry! But the fit is perrrfect! And I do love it a looot and wearing a looot and it is very comfortable and I’ll be making one in silk for the next summer! yeah!!! (lol you see how excited I am hahaa))

Sewing it was more complex than I imagined. why? Well, 1st I know that Named has seam allowance included in PDF patterns so I didn’t bother checking those out before I cut everything (fabric included). Then I sat down to stitch and I needed to go back to paper pattern to find all seam allowances….?! Really?? Was it too difficult to just write it in the instructions? Don’t understand…

It wasn’t that difficult to check, but!! I like everything organised and after I cut I clean up everything and put all other things (paper pattern included) away, so I can sew with all peacefulness around me, lol. So yeah! I didn’t like that!

I didn’t change anything about the pattern..

While sewing I added french seams all over the garment except the sleeves. Where you see the cut on the sleeves I just couldn’t find a way how to make a french seam and at the same time keep the cut..Can you help me if you know? Thanks)))!

Oh, and the fabric.. I didn’t have enough, it shrank like crazyyyy! Or they measured it badly at the shop.. who knows?! But not all the pieces entered to the fabric and I cut out one pieces out of white muslin I had from Merchant and Mills..

Not sure how much I like that white pieces, it’s not seen when I’m wearing it, but! I might color the whole thing in navy blue just to be consistent, lol What do you think?



fabric information

Asaka Kimono by Named

size 38 (EU)


bust – 93 cm (36,6 in)

waist – 77 cm (30,3 in)

hips – 101 cm (39,7 in)




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