In the beginning of this year, Paula (a viewer from YouTube, she became my guide for sewing world!) suggested that I use Metter Thread instead of Gutterman. And at first, I did not get the “Why”, it is just a thread, a how thread can make a difference, right? But it makes! And a huge one! I did not have a thread stash at that time…

I bought my first Metter silk-cotton and felt in love! But! It was quite uncomfortable to buy online, as there were no Mettler thread sellers in Santiago de Compostela. Moving to Barcelona, I could find shops which sell Mettler, but I was not happy with the service… So, hello internet again!

And! Imagine what!? I was browsing, looking for better shipping deal with Mettler threads when I see this: “49,90 euros for 50 bobbins of silk finish Mettler threads”!!! (all 500m!!!) Oh my! I thought it was my birthday! Of course, it had all different colors, which you cannot choose, but! I did not care! Great deal! I am in! So, I got it! And I’m freaking happy with it! For a quite long time I can forget about shopping for threads online)) Yay!

Then…another problem came! How to store it!? I did not want them out, but I wanted to know exactly where to get the color I want and bobbins, those little bobbins must be with its big sisters!)

So, Ikea box came to help here. I got one for each color shade, so I can have one for neutral (beige, black, white), one for reds and pinks, one for greens and one for blues (oh my, with my taste I need more blues, lol!).

And later on, I decided to check these tiny guys (Bobbin Match Mates) to holp bobbins on top of the threads. They work perfectly! I’m super super happy with this organization system I have now, I can pull out everything I need exactly when I need it and at the same time have everything hidden and good-looking!)

Do you have a favorite way to store your thread stash? Please share in the comments)



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