Before I started sewing I checked out lots of information on sewing and everything related that I thought I was ready and there will be no surprises!!! lol! I was wrong!) I had lots of surprises on my path, but there are few of them which I really remembered and I want to share them with you if you want to start sewing.

Thing number 1:
You press/steam more than you actually sew!

I should not leave you only with this, but I will. There is a lot of information about steaming/pressing which you will need to learn (I will make a special video on that), but 1st make sure you have an iron with good steam option (no drops!) and make sure to prepare your iron and iron board before you start sewing.

Thing number 2:
Do not rush the speed.

I hope you will never know that feeling when you are sewing, your seam is straight and you do not need to worry, and you get your speed higher and higher because everything is so straight and then…something moves. And it is! You need to rip it up and sew again. So, please, take your time and it is best to slow and straight. With practice, you will get the confidence and will be able to do it fast and straight, but in the beginning, take it slow! 😉

Thing number 3:
Bobbin thread finishes.

Yes, it does! And usually, it happens in the least appropriate moment! Oh, my! Before you start sewing a very challenging seam or topstitching for example, please check out if you have enough bobbin thread) It might finish and you will probably get irritated… and the worst thing is you might need to rip the seam and stitch again.

Thing number 4:
Sewing patterns have errors.

Lots of sewing pattern companies sell patterns with errors, it might be an error in the pattern or in the sewing instructions. Make sure that in the beginning someone (who you trust) suggest you a good pattern and make sure that that person sewn that pattern and sewn it using the sewing instructions the pattern suggests.

Check out Blacklist for home sewists to know what to avoid and Whitelists with the staff I had a good experience with!

Thing number 5:
You cut anything with your sewing scissors.

Yes, you can! Check out scissors sharpener and it will maintain your scissors nice and sharp! Because even if you will dedicate your sewing scissors only to the fabric they will lose their sharpness anyway!) So get comfy from the beginning, before you start sewing!

Thing number 6:
Find a good sewing book.

Check out sewing books, I know there are a lot of them out there! Check reviews on Amazon, for example, see what people loved about the book and what they didn’t if it might suit you on your sewing path. Check out the book with a lot of sewing techniques, a lot of photos, it will help you way more than sewing tutorials (sorry!), but as I said earlier there are a lot of errors on the internet, make sure you are learning from professionals. You can also always check some online tutorials and videos from youtube, they will help for sure, but you will have the real deal in your hand and will be able to follow through with ease!

I have one suggestion for you, I will review the book very soon, stay tuned!

The project might seem to be complicated, difficult or impossible to accomplish, just remember that with patience and dedication you will be able to sew any garment you chose!

I hope it will help you to start sewing! In case you are already sewing, please share in the comments, what helped you and what advice you can give to the beginners!)