As you’ve seen in the video I got time to choose my sewing table from IKEA and there were small details I wanted to pay attention to. Just in case here is the chair I got, and this is the same one but in light color) Really comfy for all-purpose, like sewing, working…lol)) I even cut fabrics sitting on it, in case of lingerie ))

So, my sewing table is this one (150cmx75cm), I’ve also seen it in black, and here is the same but with crystal on top (148cmx73cm) instead of wood. I do not really know if you should go for it, because the wood one is not very stable on top, and you do not want the crystal to fall down… I suggest you check it in your local IKEA if you are interested (my local did not have this one, with crystal, at least they did not have it when we came to check out the tables).
You could also get these legs and look for high-quality top somewhere else)


Here are more tables I was looking at… One is 120cmx70cm  is little more pricey, but it is way more comfortable to change the height, the same method of changing, but 160cmx80cm, way bigger and it means if you get the space, you can be more comfortable cutting almost any fabric!

This 120cmx80cm has a different way to change the height and for me, it looks like most comfortable from all of them, but the price also elevates with such comfortability. It also exists in 160cmx80cm, I think it is the most comfortable size for cutting table (of course if you have space you can get something even bigger! but it be cozy enough? I do not know why I see my sewing room as very cozy space))

Do not forget to check out the colors, because some of them exist in different color schemes, which can suit better for your sewing room. You know, even if I have now is a sewing corner, I still call sewing room, is not it mad? lol!

So here is another table 160cmx110cm, but I’m not sure if it is going to be comfortable to cut fabric on top of it… that cut of the table makes me wonder, but if you’ve tried (or going to), please share what you think! I would get the same one, but without height regulation for the sewing machine, not for fabric cutting, only if I had enough space in the apartment…

I’ve also thought of this one, but not very sure, I could not find it in my local IKEA store, to see it and make conclusions, but looking at the picture, I’ve imagined that it could be comfy to have sewing accessories there and maybe cut the fabric at the same time…what do you think?

I also found these bases, which you can buy separately and then find the top for the table: 120cmx80cm160cmx80cm; 160cmx110cm.

What about your table? Where did you get it? Plan to renew?



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