This month my sewing plans are huge! I’m goina to learn so many things, that it makes me scared, lol


There are so many sewists who made a lot of lingerie, so many patterns, so many fabrics….I’m SO excited!!!

Lalety I’ve getting all my lingerie sewing inspiration from Very Purple Person blog, apart from lingerie she makes very beautiful clothes for her and her whole family! And @orangelingerie instagram is very exciting and inspirational page to check out)


Ohh Lulu 1308 Gia Thong

I want to use leftover of camo jersey from this fabric haul. Maybe make it completely from jersey or maybe combining it with black lace.

And I also have leftovers from the white star on blue jersey also from this haul. So maybeI’ll combine it with blue lace or white lace?

Watson Bra & Bikini Pattern:

I want to make it from camo jersey I have left from this haul and from white stars on blue jersey which is also from this haul. And I want like 5 from lace, lol ! haha, but I’ll do only one from lace, so)) Probably beige lace or blue…

Esme Knickers / Panties:

Bella Knickers / Panties:

Esme Knickers / Panties:

Don’t know which one I should choose, both look very sexy and beautiful) What do you think?


There will be so many things to learn this month! Can’t wait to get my fabric and start all these patterns at the same time!!! A! There is no patience, lol)




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