First things firsts! I think Japanese patterns are beautiful! Or at least the one I got) It is so well structured and you can only print things you need, and… did I mention I don’t speak japanese?? lol it is kind of crazy! I used to knit a lot with japanese patterns and now I can sew them easily too! Love those! Oh and these are from my August Makes, I show them from inside out there if you are interested

Although I had some trouble with printing it… I don’t own a printer at home, I print at local print shop, and there I had a problem with this pattern, it just didn’t want to print in correct scale, it was printing it HUGE! At the print shop they explained that it’s because of the picture in PDF is too big…anyway! (I had the same problem with Itch To Stitch pattern, but about this later

So I printed it as close to required scale as I could, but it was too big anyway! Grr! So I kind of redrafted it completely and adjusted already on my hubby! lol It was fun and stressful at the same time. But I’m  super happy how it came out and he love these shorts too!!! The goal completed! Yeah!

The fabric is leftovers from my M&M haul, I had bought for my Bellatrix blazer, which is coming soon to the blog, I promise! Sorry for being so slow sharing my makes with you, life happened, no time happen, you know the story, lol)

But let me tell ya! The fabric is a dream!!!! Love both of them, stripy is sold out, but the black linen is still there, it is so so so good that I’m planning pants for him and maybe shorts for me)) for the next summer of course, I hope M&M will still have it!



FOP50 by Full Of Patterns

size 3L


chest – 106 cm (41,73 in)

waist – 97 cm (38,19 in)

hips – 104 cm (40,95 in)

fabric information


Pikolinos Sandals



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