Let’s start with these dungaress. I love them SO much! You know, to sew dungarees is not as difficult as it can look in the beginning..

Autumn is here already, but it’s not seen everyday and most of the trees are super green, but there are some view in the park which takes right to a beautiful sunny warm autumn day) Oh! It was so nice there! I’m writing this and it’s raining outside..memories make me feel better)

This was an easy one. I was thinking that sewing dungarees are pretty complicated thing, but it’s not! It goes very smooth and easy, there are not even many pieces in the pattern!

I’ve made some changes:

  1. I graded between 40 on top and 42 for the bottom. I wanted it to be more curvy, otherwise I could have got a boxy shape, which I’m not after.
  2. I removed A LOT (!!!) of the extra fabric in the crotch area, I don’t know exactly why had so much there – maybe because of the grading? but it didn’t happen before with pants patterns – maybe … I don’t know, lol, I just removed it as much as I could.
  3. I added pockets inspired by RTW pants:
  4. I made it longer. After finishing and trying the overall I saw the length. I didn’t notice (!how?!) that the pattern is cropped… and I wanted to have a more wearable for any situations garment, so I can have in my wardrobe in summer during colder days and also in winter with sweater…etc So I used the down part of the leg pattern and cut it extending the lines.. I don’t think that the explanation sounds good.. I just sewn extra pieces of fabric to the overall to make it longer.
  5. I omitted back pockets, I though with all those hashtags it could have looked too busy
  6. …and I didn’t add a flap on front pocket of the overall – also could look too busy

I think that’s pretty much it! Ah! And those straps!!! Grr.!!! My hubby was turn them inside out using my sushi sticks, hahah I just can’t turn the very narrow pieces, it drives me nuts if it doesn’t go fast, lo



Turia dungarees by Pauline Alice

size 40 on top /42 bottom


bust – 93 cm (36,6 in)

waist – 76 cm (29,9 in)

hips – 100 cm (39,4 in)

fabric information

metal accessories


Kate Spade bag



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