Before I start…haha, yeah I’ve been sitting in the metro and that is why it is slightly wrinkled on the back.. Alejandro said it was totally fine, but definitely our view on “details” is different, lol! And another little, this time it is on me, I’m wearing swimsuit under it, and this cheap swimsuit I bought (because of course, I plan to sew one, haha) is not the best garment for so tight clothes)) so sorry for that)

What I used:

  • I used course by Paukshte

What I’ve changed:

  • After drafting I played a little bit with fitting, which did not have wide explanation in the course, so I took it in a “let’s see what happens if I do that or this” way
  • I  traced all pattern’s lines as it is made in haute couture (felt fancy, but very long! but it helped hugely when sewing and trying it on to see if I need to make some changes)
  • I have added a normal zipper (in the course the explanation is for the invisible zipper), as I could not find one in a turquoise color in my very tiny city with no sewing accessories in the shops!
  • I weirdly left the belt too long, I was thinking to put a button ( as in the course) but during all drafting/sewing process I’ve been thinking how I can manage without button and I came up with the solution
  • I used hair canvas as interfacing and I SO MUCH LOVED IT!!!! It is the best waist band I had in my life! OMG! Never never never look back again!

What I would change:

  • I would make the split a bit wide, so it won’t be so super open while I walk
  • I would buy invisible zipper (!!!) lol
  • Want to make something for the waist band, for its closure, but not very sure what
  • And 100% I would try different styles, fabrics, colors)

About the fabric:

I just loved this mixture of linen, cotton, viscose, and elastane! Lov it and would buy again in a different color (or maybe same on for shorts).

The lining is also fine, feels good to the skin (all links down below the post;))




planning my sewing with hWardrobe ebook

fabric information

Self-drafted skirt Nº 1


bust – 93 cm (36,6 in)

waist – 77 cm (30,3 in)

hips – 101 cm (39,7 in)


Ikat top by me

Birkenstock sandals

Earrings made by me

DKNY bag



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