My first self-drafted pants and these are for my hubby. It’s a little bit funny how last year I took all my courage in my hands and bought some fabrics and the first thing I decided to sew were pants for Alejandro. This year I did something similar, I decided to draft my first pattern. And woohoo! It came out pretty good, although I want to make some little changes for the next pair, I’m very very satisfied with how this Nº1 turned out!

I used a course for drafting pants’ sloper for women, and I rectified it for men, I’ve made some online search to specify how I need to make a change and I also compared the finished result with RTW to add last touches to the draft.

I cut it out and basted by hand, then he tried them on and I made more changes. Only then I started drafting pockets, waistband and fly. Then I sewed it all together.

It sounds like a lot, but I have never felt so gratified and happy with the sewing process before. Sewing what you’ve drafted on your own with the exact body measurements is the best thing ever!))))

Oh and sorry not many photos, I included som close-ups in the video. After me being sick we had just too many things to finish up and when we went to another trip (no pleasure, only business) I asked him to pose a little bit on the beach for my blog) We were freaking tired, so that’s why it’s a little bit short.

Ah! The fabric! I loooved it and he loves it too! So I’m gonna for this twill again each time I want to sew something from twill)



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fabric information

Self-drafted pants Nº1


chest – 106 cm (41,73 in)
waist – 97 cm (38,19 in)
hips – 104 cm (40,95 in)





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