He loved this pants, I even can say that this pants were the reason I pushed myself to start sewing, lol Yeah, sometimes there is a garment that makes us feel that it was made specially for us. Does it happen to you? For me it wasn’t that often, I can say..but for him, it was the first time I saw this affection))

So, after checking a little bit of YouTube and google, I decided to try to bring his RTW to life in the laundered linen I bought the other day. It was fun, a little big confusing from time to time, but super fun! You know that feeling when you are undoing something and then when you start to put it together you kind of get worried not to leave some pieces behind, lol it was the case for me! And actually I left one, I could not figure out what it is needed and where and how I suppose to connect it, lol

The pants are pretty simple, elasticated waist, wide on the butt and slimmer on the ankle (actually I wanted to make them a little bit shorter, but he didn’t let me)) Also this pants have partial lining on front. I used that white muslin for it and for the pockets. And, I used the other linen fabric (in stripes) to make the inside belt piece (facing, right?). So the pants will not be like super blanco)))

What else? I think that’s it.. We loved the fabric a looot! I wish it was a little bit cheaper, so I can buy more in each colours, I have so many ideas for it!!!

Ah! As I bought 2m of this laundered beauty I had something left. And I used for me 😉 It’s coming soon)

This is the front pocket between lining and pants fabric…



Sahara Pants by me?

fabric info here


Local shop bag

Pikolinos Sandals



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