My first plaid jacket and I absolutely adore it! I made it super warm in order to spend less time on dressing up when I need to take a fast trip to buy some groceries. And this jacket is working out just right!

Although it is self-drafted it is not my design, I used this book. I cannot say if I can recommend it or not…well, you cannot use it to learn pattern drafting (in my opinion, or at least not by yourself), but it will serve well as an inspiration when you just have no idea what you want.

I spent some time sewing the back. 1st time it was just 5mm off, I resewn it. Then I tried it out and we found out that the back must be changed, so I resewn it again. But the fabric had enough time to stretch out a little bit and it is slightly wobbly on the jacket. Well, as my memory is fresh I still see it, but I am sure I will totally forget about it for the next season)))

The shoulder, however, was sewn from the first try and came out just right!

The biggest question for me is what to do about pockets?! I love the way they look, but they way too high to be comfortable putting my hands there. How do you think I can maintain the location, the length of the jacket, but maybe add extra pockets to be comfy with the hand position?? Any ideas?

Feel free to laugh at me at how I am trying to put my hands “in the pocket” during the photo session…



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