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My first men’s shirt and my second shirt at all. I used Negroni shirt pattern by Colette. I’ll tell you later about it with some short vlogs and conclusion 😉 I also want to say super big thanks to MalePatternBoldness, the sewalong is super awesome! And “Do your best now and then move on” became my mantra now))

This shirt is super different from the Archer I’ve made for myself. The construction is so different, I mean I’ve never put my attention on those details of the shirts, lol!

And for this happy and proud face I’ll be sewing many more shirts between other stuff ;)))

My second shirt, but not as easy as I was expecting. “Shirts have different construction” – I said to my self feeling a little bit out of place, lol! Yeah I’ve never paid that much attention to shirts before, but now I kind of love it)) It is exciting, to be getting deeper in such kind of thing. I want to sew more shirts, and learn more stuff.

With all these said, I confess that I made this shirt without total understanding how I’ve made it, I was and still I am pretty lost. I think I’m not fan of facing stuff in the shirts, so I will keep in mind for the next time.

Ahh, and the fabric was a nightmare – I don’t mind it to crease that much, but the plaid! It is too small and it has too many colours, lol It made spend so so much time matching… And I need to much) You know, even before I started sewing I had that thing that if I see something anythere that the lines do not much it used to irritate me like crazy) well, it still does, but I have a solution for it in sewing at least 😉



Negroni Shirt by Colette

(size L)

fabric info here

pattern review


Pants – Springfield

Bag – local shop

Shoes – Pikolinos



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