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There was some fabric left from my hubby’s Sahara Pants, so I decided it must be used, right?! This precious laundered linen cannot stay there without any attention))

I wanted Nantucket shorts for a while, but didn’t know what fabric to use, many were coming to my head, but I couldn’t choose one. You know, this kind of thing was happening from time to time to me when I was knitting, you love something, you want to knit it, but there is no exact yarn for it, and you start postponing it like forever! And then, … the perfect one (yarn/fabric) just comes in ta-da!!!

I was afraid they will be a little transparent and so I decided I need to have a lining. Not long before it I saw on LLadybird blog that she lined a top with white muslin, I cannot explain exactly, but her top just  came up on my mind and I knew what I needed to do. I have no idea if it’s right or wrong way (technically), but this is something I saw in my head, deep down in my imagination.

So I fully lined them. I’ll show it later this week in the Review/Conclusion, because i want to film a video, so I can show you the short from inside. I must say it was such an amazing sewing time))

They are a little sporty, but they are in white linen, so i think I can match them with pretty much everything in my wardrobe.))

Oh! And the fit… I didn’t make any modification (except lining and elasticated waist), but I think I’ll need some extra room for my butt for the next pair, just to feel a little bit more comfortable) Now I’ve learnt all those full butt adjustment thing, and I’m so crazy to try it already!)))

What I can say is that they fit better than any of my RTW short, and this is amazing!))

And last…but not least.. I need pockets, I just can’t without pockets….arghh is there any way I can insert pockets to this pattern? I just can’t see!..

And I didn’t put drawstrings. First – I didn’t buy the right eyelets (from Merchant and Mills – they wrote the diameter, and I was thinking it is of the whole thing, but it was of the inside hole, so they are SUPER huge for the pants, lol) and then after getting crazy about why it is not mentioned if it is inside or outside I realised that ACTUALLY do not like drawstrings, they always irritate me somehow, and they don’t look flattering on me..

and here is my elastic. I do not like how it came out, but I understand now -> I need to sew it with zig-zag. The only clear tutorial on elasticated waist which I found online is for Hudson pants (the sew-along), but I thought that the elastic fabric is the cause of the zig-zag stitch. but nope…. Practice showed me )) So I’ve learnt!)



Nantucket by Seamwork

(size 10)

fabric info here 

pattern review


Kate Spade bag

Birkenstock Gizeh Sandals



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