Jumpsuits were on peak for a while before I decided to consider them.. then I tried several RTW, and let’s say that I didn’t find myself comfortable to wear them to public, lol! Then I learnt to sew and things changed dramatically! I got so much courage with trying things, styles, prints, fabrics that reached to jumpsuit idea again, and… I LOVE IT! Really! So so much! It is super comfy, elegant and mine…I mean made by me)))

I need many now, but I can’t choose the fabrics.. I’m so attracted to b&w prints for jumpsuits, lol! I don’t let myself have another b&w jumpsuit…although I don’t think that I’ll resist much, lol!

So, there are different options in the pattern. You can have jumpsuit or you can have maxi dress, or midi or mini..how you decide to cut it, 😉 and you can have the top with ties or v-neck kimono style. i wanted V-neck kimono so badly, but the fabric wasn’t enough for that choice, and I wanted to make it exactly in this fabric and I didn’t want to wait to buy more… So I was just sitting lost on the floor looking at the fabric, waiting that it may tell me how I should cut it…it did not, but my hubby did, lol!

He came into the room and saw me totally lost, trying to hypnotize the fabric, so he resolved the problem suggesting that i should make the v-cut for the top with ties, it has v-cut, but not deep as I like it…Oh my! And this idea could come to my head earlier?! Sometimes he says things that I can’t expect he can think of, lol!)))

So this was done, I deepened the v-cut. And I also added 3 cm to the pants on top, and removed 3 cm from the top (down), I think I explained terrible. What I wanted to say is that I have high waist, my natural waist is pretty high, and all elastics, tops and etc is going up there and give me not-nice volume where I don’t have it, that’s why  I decided to make that alteration, so the elastic of jumpsuit will sit exactly on my waist, and I won’t have bubble on top)))

After trying I also shortened the length a lil, I don’t remember how much, maybe around 4 cm?… But I think it depends much on my fabric, its pretty bouncy)

Almost forgot! I also graded between sizes, I chose 10 on top and 12 for the hips…

And the pattern is very easy and very fast to sew, it’s my second pattern from Closet Case Files and I think I’ll be buying more in the future.

Last thing – I stabilized the neckline with clear elastic sewing it with straight stitch (I somehow understood from the instructions that it must be done this way), so I didn’t like it, it was gaping a little bit, next time I’m attaching clear elastic with zig-zag as I always did before for shoulder seams in knits )



Sallie Jumpsuit & Maxi Dress by Closet Case Files

size 1o for top and 12 for the hips


bust – 93 cm (36,6 in)

waist – 78 cm (30,5 in)

hips – 103 cm (40,5 in)

fabric information


Kate Spade bag

Marc by Marc Jacobs Wedges



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