My third sewing and my first top ever, lol! When I saw it on MeggiPeg in various fabrics I knew I must have it! Yeah I must! I knew that the form of the top will suit me, my body type, although I’ve never had exactly the same top before, but something was telling me that it will be just the right choice.

I also had second thoughts about it, because of my lack of sewing experience… By the look of the selling page I had some thoughts on my mind that there probably will not be a clear explanation on sewing. Now there is a size chart with the fabric yardage available on the selling page, but when I was buying there was nothing about sizes of whatsoever.. But! I wanted the top, so I decided for $4,99 I will somehow figure it out! hehe)))

And I did! Yeah! Not without mistakes of course) You will see more of it in the upcoming video, there you will be able actually to see my mistake live, heh, so ambarassing! I’ll also write more about my sewing experience, and will give a short review on the pattern (from the beginner type of view of course).

Oh and I also have a question on how to fit it better. Because really, there is one problem I have, that there is no idea on mind how to resolve it. And yeah, i know there are so many books on fitting, but I’m super overwhelmed which one I should have? Not many are available in electronic form and with “moving soon” I’m not having the power of building library at my disposition for now.. So, just need some help/ideas) In the upcoming video I’ll show exactly what is bothering me in the fit (and I’m sure it is not about the pattern, it is my body whos playing games!)lol

And the fabric is cotton jearsey with elastan, used around 1,5 m, more about the fabric is in this post.

I like the hourglass shape this top provides instantly with almost any buttom garment!)



Presto Pop Over Top by SavageCocoPatterns

size M

fabric info here

pattern review


Kate Spade bag

Stuart Weitzman heels

Bracelet by me (handmade)

Guess watch

Turquoise Earrings / Necklace are from local shop



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