Before you decide to subscribe to Seamworkmag please check my video for opinion and thoughts of the experience I had with them.

This is my first and total fail! Haha, I followed it with Savannah top also by Seamwork, and it came out even worst… Although that one I decided not even to photograph, believe me you don’t wanna see me in it, lol)

Back to Moji pants… First, when I subscribed to Seamwork (I stopped subscription in July after these “accidents”) I was in so many illusions about indie patterns (are Seamwork really indie?), and I didn’t read so so many blog posts out there about how bad many of Seamwork patterns fit, it is not even only about the fit, it is about size! This I’ll tell ya later, this posts is about Moji, don’t let me disperse anymore!

So Moji. I planned fabric as you could see in the Merchant and Mills fabric haul and started comparing my body measurements with the pattern size chart:

My waist and hips felt exactly in the size 10! At the moment of sewing I had the exact body measurements required for the size 10 (as I do exercises I always check my measurements before I choose the size, I lose weight, get muscles and don’t wanna any surprises!) and in the finished garment measurements the size 10 had enough ease I wanted.

Now, look at what happened:

The measurements of my finished pants are exactly like measurements of the body for the size 10… I measured the paper pattern too. there are NO errors from my side!!!

Now come embarrassing photos, but I decided to take this sacrifice, lol you need to see that and be SUPER careful with Seamwork patterns. Because after this situation I went online reading blogs, and there are just too many people who had problems with Seamwork patterns, different patterns, not only Moji (but Moji is a huge story, for me it came out too tight, there are people for who it came out too huge…well, looks like Seamwork couldn’t decide!), but guys, what I can say for sure is if you do want to subscribe and sew Seamwork patterns, choose only those which have been sewn crazy amazing of times by other people, those must be good (as I had luck with Aurora before), otherwise,…hmm, I’ll write a post on it too, but I think it is just too much for the company like Colette (who is pretty famous for the quality out there) make such kind of huge mistakes in the patterns… I don’t want to waste my fabric even for free patterns like that! Or make a muslin you say…why should i worry about the SIZE of my pattern? I can have a bad fit, but not wrong size! With bad fit I’ll blame myself, but with this type of errors…nah! I’m out!

So, back to embarrassing photos….

I got skinny pants in woven non stretch fabric in which I can’t even move…oh my! I feel sorry for the fabric, it was gorgeous chambray!


Moji by Seamwork

(size 10)

fabric information




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