Hi! I’ve decided not to make those super long videos at the end of the month with all the things I’ve made during the month, as in those I never have time to tell you everything I want to share about the garment, it can get more than 1 hours and it is just too long for a video! So, I decided to share with you the garments I sew as I finish them one by one 😉

I’ve sewn this Men’s Classic T-shirt several times already (striped, in black, in camo, Burberry inspired). And this time I decided to try and make it with long sleeves. First, I thought to measure the desired length and wrist circumference, add for ease and then draft it. But! Then I remembered that I’ve just sewn a cardigan with long sleeves and I can easily use those sleeves as they fitted very well. I also decided to leave the cuff.



fabric information

Men’s Classic T-shirt by Love Sewing Mag

size M



chest – 106 cm (41,73 in)
waist – 97 cm (38,19 in)
hips – 104 cm (40,95 in)




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