I had this photos taken during #mmmay16 but I totally lost them… Now they are found and ready to share 😉

The jeans were jeans for some time, but then I found Instanity MAX30 program and started following it, and then I’ve noticed that apart from burning some fat I got wide hips, hehe I never had narrow hip area but not it is wide, as much as I love (and partially do not undertand the transformations) my jeans, pants, shorts and everything that sits on low/middle waist totally hate it. So, only high waisted garments from my wardrobe suite me well now..phhh

I’ve been seeing for sometime jeans into skirt thing on Pinterest, YouTube, RTW, so I decided that my middle waist jean must become high waisted skirt. hehe

I used several youtube videos, cannot give you the exact one, but if you search there are a lot!

I also tried to make some distruct effect on the skirt, because it looked a little boring when I finished it. I also do not know if I should shorten it a little bit, because well, it is not the most flattering piece from my wardrobe, so, maybe shorter it will look more…I don’t know..?

And the top..I’ve knitted it maybe two years ago and it was my first crochet/needles trial garment. I’m so so crazy about all Oscar de la Renta’s knitwear, thet give me the inspiration I cannot even dream of sometimes, you get me?

I was jumping around this top (there is also a cardi version, I will knit that too one day!) for some time, because well crochet is my third hand, but I do not have that close friendship with needles, so it was a little bit comfusing to me to begin with. But I’ve put myself together and just started!

As it was long time ago, the details I can remember are very approximate:

  • crochet hook number 3 (or 2,5) – one yarn only
  • needles number 3 (the only I had at that moment, lol) – two yarns together
  • and around 450 g of silk from Colourmart (is the best and cheapest silk I’ve ever tried! and thy ship worldwide! more colours here) I would even suggest taking more yarn, because I was undoing the sampes to finish the top..


Silk crochet/needles top by me

Levi’s jeans

Levi’s jeans skirt variation by me

Kate Spade bag

Tory Burch flats




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