I got only a meter of this fabric and I couldn’t decide if I should make shorts or skirt. As I had no idea of what shorts pattern to use and for some time I was eyeing fabric for Moss skirt, the decision came pretty much by itself.

The fabric was terrible to work with, yeah it is denim but with those squared hashtags it was killing me. I wanted to align the pattern somehow, but you see the denim twists after washing and it makes aligning pretty much impossible.

I squeezed some matching horizontally and even vertically on the butt, BUT! Almost all my hard work is not noticeable because of flat felled seams… OH! I didn’t pay much attention and I started doing flat felled seam on the outside of the garment, so nothing is beautifully aligned now..

The pattern is cool, although I had some problems with the waistband length, to make it work I ignored all notches and just stretched the belt as much as I could. It worked. Not sure if it is pattern fault or fabric fault. I’ve seen many people complaining about the belt in Moss skirt, but also I’ve seen that the pattern was corrected…so cannot confirm anything until I make another one…

Oh! And I laughed out load when I read that pattern suggests that you can use flat felled seams and the seam allowance is only 1,2 cm….and I had all my pieces cut out and waiting to be stitched! How on earth can make 1,2 cm into flat felled seam…I did though, but they don’t look as beautiful as 1,5 cm seam allowance.. So keep in mind that if you want all the inside look pretty you should make the seam allowance slightly bigger.

And the last thing which I would definitely change for the next time are the pockets. I didn’t get the purpose of the construction of those. to make them look pretty from the inside of the garment I needed to use bias binding.. I think there is no need for that and with simple change they can look beautiful inside and out) I’ll show you how I want to change them in my next Moss, which is cut already and only waiting for the lining fabric))

I made the short version and I just cut it to have nice “un-done” edge)

So I think that is it for this skirt)

What do you think?

P.S. the welt was added by me, I just cut two long stripes of fabric, sew it together and voala! of course, I also added some metal things, my suggestion here is don’t buy those eyelets for the belts, they are only one sided, so onse is beautiful and the other can actually sratch your skin if you are not careful enough.. :*



Moss Skirt by Grainline Studio

size 10


bust – 93 cm (36,6 in)

waist – 78 cm (30,5 in)

hips – 103 cm (40,5 in)

fabric information




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