First time sewing lingerie is not an easy task as I thought before.. I was sure I would finish it all super fast and then will have nothing to do half of the month… Although sewing thongs was pretty easy and fast! As fast as I realized how to insert fold over elastic everything went easy)

So I’ve made several Gia Thongs (it is the most sewn pattern now in my collection, lol) The pattern has great fit! I started with size L and then I went to size M, because I’ve noticed that the jersey I was sewing with was not that recuperative…

I can say that I totally recommend this pattern even if you are just starting out. But go and check the video in this post of inserting fold over elastic before you start, because pattern really doesn’t do a good job with it. I got completely lost and ruined my first thong and two meters of fold over elastic!

Oh and also the pattern doesn’t have those squares, you know, when you print PDF you need to measure a square to make sure you’ve printed correctly…so some few things to get to awesome category.. But I’ve made many already, haha, and I think I will keep myself on this path for a while 😉

And then there is Bella Knickers 😉 I made her from the turquoise lace and love love love how everything came out.

I decide to hide the seam in the crotch area, so I’ve attached first the crotch to hide the seams and then I added fold over elastic to make it look pretty. This exact fold over elastic is too rude, I would prefer something nice for this part)

I love the pattern and instructions, but (you know me, lol) I consider that there must be some text on the pattern (as there is in the instruction) to guide you where the back and there the front is…

Oh guys! And after making this ones, and I’ve seen on insta that modistewest made Bella without using lace! AAA! I am repeating Bella in jersey now, so so so excited!!!



fabric information

Gia Thongs – size M

Bella Knickers – size M


bust – 93 cm (36,6 in)

waist – 77 cm (30,3 in)

hips – 101 cm (39,7 in)




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