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Hello! I’m very very sorry for the site being down for a week!!!.. it was the worst what happened to me since I’ve learnt WordPress and believe me I had a lot of troubles building the blog from zero and facing hosting negligence, but this time, they passed all the limits, really they did! Guys thank you for support you’ve gave me and all the messages you’ve sent were so so sweet and lovely, THANK YOU! Thank you for being with me till now.

There is still a thing to resolve and you can see that some posts are not here anymore, but I promise that during this week I bring them back. I don’t count with hosting anymore, I don’t think they will be able to bring those posts back, it is just out of my mind to put any kind of expectancy there, so if they won’t do it, I promise during this week I’ll write everything from zero again and you will see back 😉 It won’t be probably the same as before, I don’t have the old text, lol, something new will come up anyway)))

You have probably seen on YouTube my others two Auroras already. So here is the third one ;)! And it is double-sided, and you will see the other side this Thursday)) And this Sunday I have a video for you to show how I have done it, so a little bit of patience and I’ll give you all;)

For now I’m living you with white/wild Aurora )



Aurora by Seamwork

(size M)

fabric information


Kate Spade bag

Turquoise Earrings / Necklace are from local shop



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