This beach bag – travel bag was born exactly before we moved to Barcelona. We needed to move fast and I did not have time to make plans on what to sew, but I had huge amount of pieces of fabrics which I did not really want to throw away, but at the same time I saw that it is a little bit crazy carry with me lots of fabric pieces, – no sense! So, this is how this bag was born))

I also wanted a bag (and I did not want to buy it) to carry some food/water with us on the train, you know, when you get to special diet, it’s the best you can do)) And at the same time I did not have a beach bag…)) And I knew I would need one!

You’ve probably recognized this fabric from my previous post with Anorak and jeans. Well, the jeans’ fabric behaved really badly and lost all its color under the sun! Well, almost all) But the animal print sustained itself, which makes me really happy!

So, the bag is very simple to make, just cut two rectangles from the fabric (the size you want, in my case, I cut the size my fabric permitted me to) and stitch side seams and the bottom, then just stitch the corners to make it have a boxy shape.
I also lined it with the same rectangles, but from another fabric and I also added one zipper pocket and 2 normal pockets, so I can curry some napkins or something (love to have lunch on the beach, and it is also a necessary item for the train).
I also put kind plastic to the bottom and added tiny metal “legs”, so it can be on the floor (or sand) comfortably.

Oh, and I wanted to put a zipper, but the only one I had I used for the backpack…so, I used a metal snap instead.

Well, I guess that is it. Fast and easy make with everything I had in the sewing arsenal, just to make it and rock it! oh also, not to carry pieces of fabric with me…



I’m so much loving it, and it is also completely washable! ))



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