I need more ikat fabrics!!! To use it for tops, pants, pajamas…everything!!! lol! But, hey, I’m seriously in love with this fabric and print! This top is from My September Makes.

The pattern…hmm! The good thing is that it has good detailed instructions and the construction of it is smart, all seams are enclosed beautifully! It looks inside as good as from outside, and as I used the same fabric for lining, well, if my lining wasn’t shorter than shell I could have easy confuse both, hehe

Not so good thing about the pattern is that, I cut the size I thought is good for me, but on the hips it came out too tight, so I need to cut it off, so I have a shorter version of the top)) I’ll need to grade it between sizes if I decide to make it again. And I think it is a little bit loose on the bust area too….

As you can see on the photos I also need to make a sway back alterations so it’ll fall nicer on the back… For all curvies out there I definitely suggest making the same alterations!

The “cut out” part is..hmm…came out right only from the 3rd trying! I was patient, ah?! lol First I ignored instructions, which call for specific distance for that “cut out” triangle, as my fabric was puckering when I tried to use that specific size, so I went for the distance which was working out just well and no puckering was noticed,…I was wrong! It looked so bad when I put it on, I wanted to cry!

Then I changed to recommended distance, it still was big! Then I went for smaller, much smaller distance and everything looked more right for that triangle…So, be careful, I think it’s not pattern error, I think it depends completely of body structure, so take care of that part

Oh! And my lining is so well matched on the side seams, haha! 1st I started cutting out the front shell, and did it happen to you that you are buying one meter of fabric and those cutting lines are cut straight and you actually get different fabric figure from rectangular? And this “cutting error” doesn’t let you align pattern properly….aaaaah! I can’t get used to this, and I actually don’t want to! Just need to buy more than 1 m in the future to avoid any “cutting error”, and then be able to align any pattern better. So I finished up with badly aligned side seams on the shell and well aligned side seams on the lining, so I’m proud of my lining! Yeah!

Ah and totally forgot, the pattern calls for full lining, it is the same length as the shell, but as I bought only a meter, I cut my lining as long as my fabric length permitted..

That’s all I think)

Love how it looks on me, but not sure if I’ll repeat it, for better fit I still need to twist it much and for now I’m not in the mood for it, but it’s beautiful))

Oh and super positive thing – when you buy the pattern you get two PDFs to print your pattern: one has seam allowance and the other one doesn’t. Great, ah?! A lot of pattern makers out there should take this idea for consideration, because I really hate spending my time adding seam allowance…



Cut Out Halter Top by Salme Patterns

size 12

fabric information


bust – 93 cm (36,6 in)

waist – 77 cm (30,3 in)

hips – 101 cm (39,7 in)


Earings by me



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