What do you do when your weight is jumping? I usually get a little mad, at myself, because I feel super happy to lose weight but at the same time I freak out about my wardrobe options.. Does it happen to you? To me always and I have no idea how to change it!

I’ve been learning pattern drafting during past months, books, courses, trying it all out, and I see that my size is not stable and even if I draft for myself right now, it won’t fit me when I finish sewing…sad!

And the thing is I have a problem when it is super hot, I can’t wear skirts… my thighs get weird rash..don’t even know how to call it, but I hate t with all my heart! So, I could not make a skirt and I needed shorts! I don’t like those with elasticated waist, because of they…look too sporty? Just I do not feel great wearing elasticated waistband when I’m not exercising, call me crazy, I know)) lol
Well, this is how this half-breed was born, lol I feel good enough, and I still can wear it as much as I want during all these months of weight losing its mind, if only it had one…

The fabric is also stretchy, it is linen, cotton, viscose, elastane…from my April’s fabric haul in spring when I wanted to make pants out of it…Now it is shorts, actually two shorts, because next week I’m sharing one I made for Alejandro)))

So, here I’m sharing how I modified my sloper, to get this semi-elasticated waistband and also how I drafted pockets for this shorts. The only thing I forgot (but you can add;) )is I forgot to make facing for the other side of the pockets… thought of it too late))

I shared the drafting tutorial on insta when I was sewing, but I think it’s best to have it here))




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