Are you a sewer or sewist? lol, I like the “sewer + artist = sewist” I got the definition from Thread magazine. It is actually not relevant what you choose, but if you sew and you do it at home I hope this “blacklist for home sewist” will keep you away from the bad experience and sad emotions.

In this post, I will add all the bad experience in sewing I encountered on my path and places where I will advise to my best friend never visit. I will be updating it when something happens (I hope it won’t be often).

This blacklist will consist of patterns (pattern making companies), it is all in my past, as I do not use pattern any longer, oh maybe just 1% of the time, but I do not remember when was the last, but anyway I will include those.

And I will be adding fabric shops, where the service sucks, or the quality was not good enough..etc Take in my I love good customer service! If you do not care and you just want fabrics, I don’t think this list will do any good (or bad) to you, you can feel free to close it right away.

And…what else? Oh! This post’s aim is to keep you away from negative emotion and from wasting your money, because you deserve the best!!! Absolutely!

If I missed something and there was a place (online or local), sewing pattern or company, which you would suggest your best friend stay away from, please let’s be best friends-home-sewist and share it here.

Stay happy and walk toward positive emotions!

You might want to check out WHITELIST for home sewist, there I share fabric shops I had good experience with, amazing customer service, great quality and sewing patterns/companies I enjoyed or learned from a lot.

  1. The local fabric shops I visited in Barcelona, read it all here, there are some videos there too
  2. Girl Charlee UK – I bought fabric once there and the second time was sent it for free, both times I received low-quality fabrics, there are other shops which balance the price-quality thing in a way better manner, but Girl Charlee UK have very nice customer service. I wish they had better fabric quality and I could stay there forever!
  3. Minerva Crafts – I think I shopped there 3 times, each time there was something wrong about the order, first time the tool for snaps was faulty and I needed to wait a month to receive the right piece to make it actually work, second time they forgot to put zipper or elastic (can’t say for sure), and again I was waiting for it, not sewing my project, and the last time I bought they did not write my address correctly on the parcel, so it did not coem to me, and they also refused to give my money bak, explaining that it was my fault, although in my personal panel the address was written correctly. In the end, I got the money back, by contacting the owner through Instagram, but it was WAY too much of shitty experience, which I will not want anyone to have. They sell a lot of stuff, but they got too big and customer care is not in priorities. I will never shop there again.
  4. Green Grizzly – they sell the metal for bag making or bag making… there are things with very high quality and there are things with very poor quality. When you get the poor quality they do not want to give your money back, explaining to you that you are wrong and it is actually very good quality, making you feel like an idiot. Better not to buy. I won’t. I am not an idiot and do not want to feel like one.
  5. – they sell all stuff you need for sewing, like buttons, snaps, interfacing, ect. Very bad customer service and the photos of many products (especially buttons) are better made than the product you receive. Very disappointing. And also refuses to give the money back for the faulty product, I received broken buttons…oh my! They gave me my money back after I wrote a bad (or better to say real) opinion on their site about the service and poor quality products I received. Oh and after they did not want to eliminate my email from the database, so only blocking them in google helped stop receiving emails each week.
  6. Les Coupons Des Saint Pierre – very low-quality fabrics and very low cost. I have no idea what you can use it for, but no, doesn’t worth it even being so cheap!


Well, there are more, but I do not remember now, I will add when I remember.

Please share your stories, so we can have better experience in sewing world!

  1. Seamwork – when I understood what is going on there, I’ve made a video. I do not support discrimination in any form, and home sewists deserve the best and lets give the best to each other, not making profit selling faulty patterns and nobody will refund you, you will feel that they are sorry you wasted your time/money/fabric, and feel like a crap, but they will continue doing this to you as long as you pay them.
  2. Thread Theory – faulty patterns again. Their pattern was the first one I’ve made and it made me feel dumb. I’ve learnt so much and put so much effort to find out they 5 years back (or more) when she (the pattern maker, owner of Thread Theory) made the pattern, she found out they there was an error, but she never bothered to correct it. I received it in the email from her. Nice? Customer care? Who cares!? Just buy! I don’t deserve it, and I am sure you do not too.
  3. Grainline Studio – no customer service and faulty patterns and faulty tutorials. Maybe for some of you, it does not matter, but it can stop you from sewing and learning very easily.
  4. Colette – faulty patterns. It looks so normal for them. It’s like they do pattern testing on customers with our money. We kind of pay them to make and test patterns on us. This is wrong.
  5. Sewaholic – very lost pattern company. I bought pans pattern of which I’ve read so good comments, unfortunately almost nobody mentioned that the pattern had an error (probably it is not good to mention it on the blog if you’ve received pattern for free), the company did not change the error since the pattern was created, how many? 6 years ago or more. And also they ignored me completely when I asked for refund until I said that I’m going to complain to PayPal (I used it to make payment), only then they refunded me. And no sorries and no apologies.


I think it became too normal in sewing community to accept this kind of behavior, please do not let it happens to you, if it did, ask for refund, even if it is $5, (the pattern which is sold to 1000 people makes $5000, even if it is a faulty product), you will ask your money back if it was car, shoes? You deserve the best, receive it!