This is my first sewing project of the year! I was so happy to start, as I needed a new sports bra for my exercise routine.

You can see all the details of this sports bra in this video from the minute 6:12

For a while, I wanted a super supportive sports bra in a natural fabric, not all those synthetics! So I found this fabric at bwear that dries super fast and it has very good recuperation. So I went for it! It does dry super fast, but it is hugely expensive! I think for the next pair I’m using the cotton/lycra I got in this fabric haul. It costs twice less and it is thicker, so I think the recuperation will be even better!

I cannot recommend this pattern at all. It is expensive but as cute as you can think..but (!) I can pay the money, but with this usually come expectancy…which I didn’t receive here at all! The instructions are not good, I was wondering and rereading several times…well, don’t buy it, you can draft it yourself.

So, after I was so disappointed by the pattern, I got my old sports bra and started sewing using the idea from it. I love how it came out in the end, but I think I need to twist the fit a lot for the next pair. I decided to draft one for myself and forget about this weird experience with this pattern!

The good things are:

  1. I finally have cotton sports bra, and it feels so good to get sweaty in it, lol
  2. I sewn fully supportive sports bra.
  3. The bra has a zipper, which I enclosed completely from both sides, and it looks amazing!



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