Sounds crazy writing “weekly blog” when I wasn’t online more than a month…ok, two months… Very sorry! But I think Weekly Blog is going to help to push me in a better way to share with you everything I’m creating during a week, it might be sewn or knitted, or maybe both at the same time in the same post)

I got into sewing a jacket to my hubby. The weather got super freezy very veyr fast, it was way too crazy! One day we came out in shorts, next day in a wool sweater and the third was I was rocking new winter boots and jacket on top of that wool sweater! Madness! 3 days – winter came! Not like in Game of Thrones, Ned Stark was warning about winter since the first season and only now it is actually coming! lol! Here it happened in 3 days!))

So, I had 2m of wool I bought from Fabworks (oh here I have another story to share, but a bit later) and I actually planned it to make pants for my hubby… But! A crazy crazy idea came to my mind (and he needed a new jacket), so I followed my passion. I wanted to make kind of anorak jacket style and I also wanted to quilt it and put the zipper and etc… But! As I decided not to buy anything in Barcelona shops again (more on that later) I went to see where could I buy a zipper online with fast shipping, I just did not want to wait any longer! And also I was not letting Alejandro buy a new jacket because I was in the process of sewing one…but truly I did not want him to get sick or something because it was getting colder each day! (sometimes it is not very beneficial to have a sewing wife, lol!)

I almost gave up (shipping was as fast as 7 days…) but my hubby asked me what if I will put only snaps and zero zipper…?! Good! But I already had my fabric cut and quilted (and I only had 2m..) Well, something magical happened and I could rearrange the closure for the snaps only. I was worried until the end!

There are more stories to tell about this jacket, as for example, the way I was attaching batting (actually it was not a batting, but on that later too, lol). I hand basted it to the fabric, but I chose the wrong stitch…! Which was ok, but not so “anti-movement” as I wanted. I remembered that I’ve learned from Couture Sewing something way more efficient, but it was only at the end when I was basting the sleeves! argh, not fair!

Ok! The jacket is finished, my hubby is wearing it with so much happiness (and I’m watching him with even more happiness), but I’m leaving you only with process photos, and there are only two. I got distracted with the zipper search and forgot to keep on taking photos…So yeah, next week, I’ll try my best to take some photos of him in the jacket and share all stories with you, and maybe even in video format))


I’ve been doing some knitting too. I finally bought knitting needles! Yay! I went for HiyaHiya knitting needles and I think I will share with you some more on them in an individual post. But they are really great! I am very happy!

I got that alpaca with silk I got from Drops and knitted a weird sample! Haha! I always knit weird sample when it is my first time with the yarn and I have not decided yet what I wanna make… So, here it is!

And I dared my washing machine with this yarn! And….! Oh yeah! I think now I know 100% I can wash any type of wool in my washing machine))! yeah!

I also finished 3 skirts and filmed and photographed it. There are some more touches (read: a loooot of video edition) to be made and the course will be finished. I am so proud of the class and so happy that I could put so much on one course and that it can help (and already helped) many people with crochet knitting! But I must say that I am also very happy that it is almost finished, because I spent a lot of time and energy on it, so I will really need a good rest…

P.S. check it out now, because when it will be all done the price will go up) you will find everything you need and ever wanted to know about crochet skirt, the knowledge which you will be able to apply to even more garments once you are done with them.

What have you sewn or knitted during this week? Please, share, I would love to hear it!

Do you wash your wool in a washing machine?



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