This week, I did not sew much and I truly I had no idea what I’ll tell you in this post… But looks like the lingerie I’ve sewn it is just enough to talk about it))

As you remember I told you before that I got this Craftsy course, and it was time to start pushing towards the beautiful lingerie drawer.

My “lingerie sewing path” started last year (in Autumn too…) and it was not easy at all! I absolutely hated the process and as you can see I hated it so much that it made me stay away from sewing lingerie for a year!!! BUT! I loved wearing what I’ve sewn way too much! lol

The main (and probably the only one) reason why I hated the process of sewing lingerie is that the sewing patterns do not give enough instructions. When I started sewing for the first time I’ve sewn pants for my hubby, and it was way easy to do than sewing panties for the first time (and here I’m not yet speaking about bras…it is another loong story!).

So I decided that there is only one way out of it, (because I wanted handmade lingerie!!!) and it is to take a course with a specialist who claims to explain everything in the detail)) So I got that course, because I have not found anyone better than Beverly Johnson in lingerie making…

So here is how I started, I drafted for myself and decided to make it out of the bamboo jersey and draft a male pair (I made necessary modifications, looking at his existing pair, but the basic pattern is also from the class) from cotton jersey. And this week I meant to finally sew it together!

I measured and pinned the elastic (I’ve tried the fit in the week before this) and…the thing is that in my case, I wanted thongs and in Beverly’s class she doesn’t talk about the type of the thongs I wanted…(this led to tiny errors in elastic length)



After I sewn the elastic I noticed that the best it to allow more elastic for the part which is curved inside (like the back of thongs) instead of outside, so, if your thong’s back is pretty curvy, then you need longer elastic for it… Mine is shorter, the thongs are comfortable to wear, but they look slightly weird with elastic being too tight.

In his case, I also tighten slightly the front elastic, but the back came out perfectly! yay! but I did not photograph it…sorry! you have to believe me with this )))

I also did not use my logic and followed the suggestion in the class and measure the waistband elastic for him in the suggested way. But!!! All waistband elastics have different stretch…so, mine came out tighter …again! (Although he says it is ok, I’m making it looser for the next pair!)

Here, in my case, you can see that elastic on the leg part is a little bit bunched, but the elastic on the waistband is just perrrfuct!)) I’m truly loving it!

The explanations of sewing elastic is amazing and especially how to measure the elastics, it gives kind of starting point. Because now I know exactly how long MY (the one I have now, if I buy a different one, I’ll need to test the elasticity of elastic..) elastic should be for the next pair!

(In sewing patterns I never get this type of (or close) explanation and I felt completely lost!) Of course, when you sewn 1M of panties you do not even think of it, but when you are starting out this thing is SUPER important!

Also, here you can see that I need to get better in placing elastic to the fabric edge:


Well, I’m loving the course and the thongs are really comfy (his too), and I’m very confident that my next pairs will come out way better! (I didn’t have this type of confidence last year after I finished 15 pairs of thongs…!)

When I’m done with understanding more the course, I plan to make a video review for the course, so you can judge if you wanna get it and you are good the way you are right now))

And…my knitting! It did not go far! I think I managed to double what I had last week, but it looks like (and feels like) it is not growing! It first time this type of thing happening to me! I do not know if it is yarn, or I got slow, or the pattern…argh! Just not fair!!!

So… I planned to knit until I finish it during the coming week, so nothing should stop me!!!!(I hope..)

And you? Have you sewn any lingerie?

Do you have any suggestions for fast knitting?



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