I had huge hopes that this week I would be able to knit a lot and to finish everything I started sewing (better to say finished cutting, lol) last week. But yeah, time was passing and I felt I had not done anything, it was as if somebody hypnotized me to sit and watch the wall…although I was not doing that, but it definitely felt so!

I advanced in many things this week, but handmade was not between them!

But this week I cut the neckline for Alejandro’s tee and also finally put it all together! Yay! It fits well, although I would liek to make sleeves slightly tighter, he doesn’t want it… argh! Sometimes I think that I should take all the sewing (and fitting) decisions (in its 100%!) in our family, lol! I love his advice though! But sometimes when I want to change something about the garment I don’t get it if he is saying what he thinks or his subconscious think that if he says that something is wrong and I need to change he will offend me somehow….? Did you have similar situations? Any advice?

I also put together our underwear) Alejandro’s came out great! After he tried it, I’ve seen that there is absolutely no changes to make and I just should add elastics.

Mine panties…well, I’m a little coward and I still didn’t try it, lol!)) Does it happen to you? You make something and then wait forever before try it out, just because it looks so pretty and in case, there is something wrong with it I would need to destroy this prettiness… I absolutely get irritated with myself when this happens! But ok, I’ll give myself a week, but in the next post, I’ll tell you all about it!

With knitting, I felt like a tortoise… This skirt is not moving! I am knitting and knitting and nothing happens, it stays the same. I finished maxi skirt faster than this! Argh!

And! Alejandro pushed me to face my fears.. haha! In tijerasmagicas there was a discount on DROPS merino yarn, and I need sweaters for the winter, but…I do not like winter, it’s all grey and rainy! So, I commented to Alejandro and he told me to buy right now and stop wiggling around this subject! Yes! It doesn’t depend on me, winter will come anyway. But to feel good I need to be ready for that cold and feel cozy enough))

So, I bought the yarn at the beginning of the week and in the end I got it)) Love this online shop, if you live in Spain I 100% recommend it!

The thing is, I never knitted anything from drops yarn and it is going to be something new for me. I’ll share with you my opinion on it and also my plans very very soon, right after I buy knitting needles!!! Yeah, don’t laugh! With the move, I decided that it was time to update everything! So, I have yarn, but I’m still without needles!

What’s your absolute fav needles?

By the way, in the end of the week, I’ll share some unpacking with you, and show them a little bit closer with details and thoughts))

What have you sewn or knitted during this week? Please, share, I would love to hear it!



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