Let me welcome you to the new series of posts “Sewing Blog / Knitting Blog” which I will publish weekly (at least do my best to do so!) and it will include all my handmade adventure during a week; what I’ve sewn, what I’ve knitted…maybe later on, some details on what I wear (handmade of course!), but not for now, I want to start it up with only “making” part, and let’s see where it will take me, right?

Hope you’ll like this series, as I really loved taking photos of it)!

This week, I finally promised myself to have at least one day a week of sewing, just one, complete day! I’ve really been having lack of time for my sewing routine since we moved to Barcelona! 1st month looking for the flat to rent, next month getting the flat look like home, then finally took a breath and then terror attack happened and (so blessed that the universe kept us away from it!) and with it, I lost the tone of motivation. I’ve been knitting (because I started giving a course onTeachable and just could not let you guys down), but I had no creative movement in my head. Then I started to recuperate just a bit and Referendum happened, actually, t is still happening, but I’m trying my best not to pay attention repeating in my head: “There is only good that can come from this situation and I am safe”, it is the phrase I learnt from Louise Hay and it was helping me in the situations I thought had no way to be solved, but something, somehow they did!)

So yeah, I decided to push myself, make this section in the blog and start creating! Start sewing!!!

As, with all that stress I’ve had my weight up and down, and I’m now more or less back into my exercise routine and my diet now, I do hope to stabilize it soon. This is why I decided to start sewing for Alejandro! He is lucky when he is stressed out he loses weight, and I gain!!! It is SO unfair, isn’t it?? So, he is pretty stable now) And although I’m protesting, I’m really happy for him!

So I sat down and drafted a sloper for him, then modified it for the t-shirt and for the shirt!!!))

I’ve also cut underwear, for him and for me) I’ve got a course from craftsy, sewing panties, and it is really great, (I’ll give you full review when I’ll actually have something to show for it), but for now I’ve drafted a panties sloper for me and for Alejandro (in the course, it is not shown how to draft men’s pants, but I used the idea and then added the necessary extra parts). Ahh, and the fabrics are from the haul I shared on Sunday, what I can say, for now, it was really easy to cut those jerseys!!!!

Then, the light just went away, it became so dark in the midday!!!

I also managed some time for knitting)) I started the mini skirt, because my midi was drying, had to take it out to the balcony, because it was kind of dark these days, and t did not want to dry fast inside the flat… I also managed to connect turquoise maxi skirt)) I can say the week went well with knitting!!!

I did not think that the course will take me that long! But, explaining all details, each step, filming it all and assisting everyone who bought it got all my time! And I’m really super happy about it, I did not think I can help people so much! Thank you, for pushing me back to knitting!!!!

Later on, I caught Alejandro to try his t-shirt, which I thread traced and basted together (all by hand, it takes time, but it is the best thing you can when you sew something new, the changes are so easily done later…ohh I’m loving it too much! Although I get a little bit irritated when I see how much time I spend only thread tracing…

Then I managed to thread trace the shirt..and baste it…and that is it! My time finished, lol! Next week I hope to catch Alejandro and make him try it out)

With this fabric, I have the idea for shirt/jacket thing… Do not know yet how to explain, it’s like a shirt, but you mostly wear it as a lightweight jacket, but it still looks like a shirt! lol I sound weird! The fabric is from lafab tessuti, it’s linen and viscose. The fabric wrinkles more than 100% linen, lol, but I lvoe this effect, too much of poliched look make me nervous)

Hope you like this new section) What have you sewn or knitted during this week? Please, share, I would love to hear it!



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