Last year when I was writing my New Year Resolution 2016 I decided to include sewing in the list. I’m so happy I know how to sew now, but I also discovered that how MUCH information I want to learn about sewing!!! I make to make it look more professional, good-looking and be able to change some things around)) Sounds like a lot! But I know myself, I have that “perfectionist” part in my personality that makes me to dig deeper and this is what makes me happy with the results))

So this year I also wrote some resolutions for 2017 and I’m sharing those with you and also I’m challenging you to pass through questions down below and write some goals for yourself (can be in your notebook, down below in the comments, your blog, Instagram, YouTube, anything you like!!!), it’s always easier to reach your goal if you know where you are going 😉 I tell myself this all the time when wishes of procrastination pop up, lol

If you go through these questions, please share your goals with me, I would love to know what you are planning for 2017 :*


Dream Pattern

Is there a pattern you always wanted to sew?

What was stopping you?

What is the 1st step you will take to get closer?

Technique to Learn

Is there a technique you always wanted to learn?

What was stopping you?

What is the 1st step you will take to get closer?

Utimate Sewing Goal

What is your biggest sewing goal?

Are you on your way?

What was stopping you?

What is the 1st step you will take to get closer?

I wanted to sew jeans since I started sewing, lol I even took a class by Angela Wolf, but then was totally disappointed by it. Then I found the existence of Ginger Jeans and read all possible information about them on the internet. And then Morgan Jeans came out, so I bought and sewn Morgan Jeans in bull denim. But hey! What was happening to me since the beginning?! I wanted skinny jeans, it was my priority and in the end and did not get to them… Fear? I think so, but it is kind of difficult to admit..

It was difficult to sew Morgans because of the top stitching thread… I think my Husqvarna starts hating me when I’m approaching her with top-stitching thread in my hand, lol!

Anyway I decided to go for it! Try to find any possible way to make top stitching thread work (if you have any tips, please share them in the comments, I will be super grateful!) and if top stiching thread will not work, I’ll just use a normal thread, that’s it! 2017 is for sewing my own skinny jeans!!! Yeah!

So my first step is to buy the pattern!

P.S. I’m still scared, but I hope the fear will disappear with th action 😉

Technique to Learn

My first sewing project had flat felled seams, french seams, fly front and some more crazy things! lol So during the whole year in each of my sewing projects I was applying all those listed above. I loved how clean and well garments was coming up, but than I discovered sewing books and Craftsy courses on Haute Couture techniques, OMG! There are so many options to learn from, but I couldn’t (still can’t) decide where I should start from, book or course, then which one I should go for…ohh

These I found on Craftsy:

Couture Dressmaking Techniques with Alison Smith

Couture Finishing Techniques with Alison Smith

Sew Smarter: 30 Professional Techniques with Katrina Walker

Sew Like a Designer: Fashion Details with Jacque Goldsmith

If you loved any of those or many you have other favs, or maybe a book, please let me know, I would love to learn more and discover as much as I can possibly can)

And also this yeah I got to know Doja, she is making amazing pattern drafting videos at her YouTube channel ELEWA. So she is to blame for my wish of learning pattern drafting! lol I need to buy some special things for it, I checkied already my amazon options))

And I’ve been checking out some Craftsy classes as well:

Patternmaking Basics: The Bodice Sloper with Suzy Furrer

Patternmaking + Design: The Pants Sloper with Suzy Furrer

Patternmaking Basics: The Skirt Sloper with Suzy Furrer

And, please, if you have any recommendations, anything, share them, I would love to know)!

Ultimate Sewing Goal

I started sewing to create clothes that fit me perfectly, that look amazing inside and out and of course using the best quality fabric I can afford) I’m on my path! It is all time consuming: planning & sewing,  not always I had 100% success, but I want to get closer to it.

So my ultimate sewing goal is to create my Handmade Wardrobe and to wear #memade clothes everyday!) With what I’ve done until now I already wear something #memade everyday, but I want to reach the “Full Package” lol))

I need a little bit more planning for it 😉 I’m on my way!

And here is how New Year looks like in Santiago de Compostela, Spain :*




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