Here are my absolute favorites of 2016! Patterns I’ve sewn, fabrics I bought, things I’ve learnt)) Hope it will be useful to you) Oh! And you can check all the things I’ve sewn (actually only the favorite ones, the patterns I can recommend for some reason) during this year in the Closet.


These are patterns I enjoyed sewing (great instructions, no erorrs) and wearing (got a lot of wear this year!!!) And some of them were repeated several times and others are in the plans for more versions 😉


I’ve learnt a lot from these patterns and applied my knowledge where I could to every pattern I’ve made after. Great instructions!!!


OMG! I had an amazing time shopping at … you probably guessed already!lol…Merchant and Mills (My Haul 1 and 2)! Yeahhhh This is my dream fabric shop, I think if they will add viscose and silk I’ll 100% stop looking anywhere else. I’ll become 100% Merchant&Mills client!)) lol Yeah I’m THAT obsessive! I know the prices are high, BUT there is quality in each step there, the customer service, the overall shopping experience, (I can find anything easily on their site!) cheap and fast shipping! What else I can ask for?! I can save a lil money and make some “fabric fiesta” for myself! Oh and I also enjoy sewing those fabrics and wearing them, there is something special about it…

You probably got tired with me talking about MM non-stop.. But hey! There is another shop I can totally recommend. I found it late this year, but loved so much and very fast! Huge fabric choices, great prints…guess? yeah it is my second obsession called LAFAB Tesutti) (my latest haul there)) Definitely shopping there in 2017!!!

There are several more I would mention, I shopped twice at MinervaCrafts, but both times I had problems, once the article was not in the optimum quality and the second time I didn’t get the article I paied for… Of course this was resolved, but I needed to wait with my plans/projects because of that inconvenience… So I’m looking for another shop I can find a lot of sewing accessories and I think it can be Jaycott, I shopped there several (3 I think!) times too and everything was sent on time, came fast and no mistakes. If you have several favorites of your own, please share in the comments, I would love to expand my shopping list))


I can 100% recommend the course of sewing jersey I had back in April. I learnt there everything I applied later to all my jersey garments. The course is called Sewing With Knits: 5 Wardrobe Essentials with Mag McElwee. You get 5 PDF patterns with the class and she gets you through all of them in the videos! Great class and super happy I got it)))

That’s it for 2016)) Happy celebration and wishing you an amazing 2017!!!



*This post was not sponsored. All products mentioned were purchased with my own money. All opinions are 100% my own, as always!!* Read more in DISCLAIMER