If you were following for a while you probably have seen that I opened hWardrobe blog to inspire you to sew pattern which you have tried already and loved, so you can repeat them in different fabrics, colors and fill your wardrobe with clothes you love. So, I opened it and published few posts, but then I came to the conclusion that I need to close it.

If you never hear of the site, then just skip this post, if you heard about hWardrobe site and you are wondering why is it closed, well, this is the email of my apologies to my hWardrobe subscribers:

You have probably seen the series of posts about shirtdresses on hwardrobe.com and probably those posts made you subscribe and wait for more. Nothing happened. And I am very sorry about it.

It is very difficult for me to write this email, it comes straight from the heart and it is very personal.

Last year I had a crazy idea to unite sewing bloggers to inspire each other with creations and patterns we’ve sewn and forgot, but still can make more and more.
I’ve emailed to more than 260 bloggers (yes, and there are even more!) to ask for permission to use their photos for the shirtdresses inspirational posts. And I got a huge amount of responses, good, great, bad and weird sometimes, but we managed to put it all together. And I loved it, although it took so much time for the creation.

I met so many great people and amazing sewists! I had so many ideas to keep on with it, there are wrap dresses, shirts, blouses, pants of all kind on my to-do list.


I started getting weird emails from sewing bloggers…some of them bullied me, some of them protested that their photo must have been chosen for the cover of the post, some of them…well, let’s say I did never think this could happen, not in sewing community!

Apart from other responsibilities and some stress I had in 2017, this made me stuck, very very stuck and I could not move on. Not to create something new, neither to destroy the creation.

But I could not stay like this forever and I took a decision which really hurts me, but I knew it must be done.
I’m closing hWardrobe and all the content will be eliminated and there will be nothing more of you have already seen.

I’m very sorry… I’m not strong enough to stand such a negativity and …, I’m sorry to YOU! Sorry to promise so much and to let you down…

I was rethinking my approach to sewing during 2017, and I stopped using sewing patterns completely. I’ll be creating something very exciting about it on my blog soon and if you would give me a chance to inspire you again, I would love to email you when the project will be almost done.

If you are not interested in hearing from me anymore, I will totally understand and just click the “unsubscribe” bellowbelowI won’t email you anything else.

Thank you for trusting in me, and I’m very sorry to let you down…


So, this is it. hWardrobe blog is closed. BUT! The book is not 😉 I still follow all advice I wrote there and, little secret, I’m preparing a course… Just don’t say anyone, not yet)

And I want to thank you again for your support and understanding, and all those uplifting emails I got after closing it. Thank you!

Talk to you soon,