Me Made May 2018 started crazy cold and with rain! Writing this I remember myself wearing a bikini in April, weird uh? Yeah, back to boots and jackets))
In this post, you can see the recap of the outfits I wore during the first week of May with some details. Those which are missing I am going to add coming week, stay tuned!

If you are not sure what is #mmmay18 – is the month when you try your best to wear as much and as often the clothes you have made))

Day 1

  • jacket – drafted / sewn by me
  • top – fabric dyed / drafted / sewn by me


Day 2

  • jacket – sewn by me
  • top – fabric dyed / drafted / sewn by me
  • skirt – crocheted by me


Day 3

  • jacket – sewn by me
  • top – drafted / sewn by me
  • skirt – drafted / sewn by me


Day 4


Day 5

  • jacket – sewn by me
  • top – fabric dyed / drafted / sewn by me


Day 6

  • sweater – designed / knitted by me


There is a funny story about the jeans I am wearing)). I decided not to make any pants until my weight will stabilize, because I am crazily jumping up and down and t is super irritating by itself, so I decided not to add this irritation to my wardrobe…

So, about jeans… Alejandro needed jeans and I, as always, said that I am gonna make them for him…but I was too short on time and my darling pulled me to go to the shopping center and buy some. So, I went. Oh, my!!!!!!!!!!!! I was criticising almost everything I looked at (it was my first time at the clothes shop since I started sewing, lol), but we managed to choose some pairs of jeans for him.

A few months later I put all my skirts to wash and (suddenly!!!) needed to come out. So, I just pulled his jeans on. And…I loved the fit!!!! They are a tiny bit big at the waist, but the belt solves it)) And well, since then I have real “boyfriend” jeans! haha))

Did something similar happen to you?



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