If you sewing for yourself, then sewing fro men will be so easy for you. I found several advantages:

  1. easy fittting
  2. he is not paranoid in case of “that seam didn’t really came out as straight as inteded”, lol
  3. simple with fabric choices – he doesn’t need to see dozens of fabrics and then buy 5 and then have no idea which to use 😀

There are more, but those above are definitely my favorites!

So here are the patterns I mentioned in the video + some ther ones I think can make a really great gift!

This one was made 4 times already, here is the first one from viscose, but then I made more from cotton jersey fabrics, and it is definitely the best men’s t-shirt pattern out there

I am wondering if this Tee Shirt from Merchant and Mills is going to be a great fit, oh, it is so beautiful and definitely going to try it out! You might also want to go for something more complex that a simple t-shirt and make him a shirt. There are a lot of patterns out there for men’s shirt, but I still didn’t see the one I can 100% recommend, those I’ve made earlier I’m not really happy about those patterns…I’ll just say that there are so few quality patterns for men out there that it makes me go back to Thread Theory, yeah, one piece might come out bigger than it supposed to be, but at least I’ll get good instructions! So the next shirt I’m going to try is Fairfield Button-ip Shirt by Thread Theory! There is also FREE pattern by Thread Theory which is Arrowsmith Undershirt, which can be a fast make!


I was thinking about tie as a really good option! I remembered I saw a pattern on Sew Over It, but just a day after I filmed this video I discovered Don’t Dream It – Sew It YouTube channel and Tanya already made a tie, but she used a free pattern from craftsy and it even comes with tutorial! OMG! I coudln’t not share it with you guys!

P.S. for the next conference my hubby is assisting I’m making this tie for him!) Thank you Tanya!

There is also Newsboy Cap by Waffle Patterns, which is also absolutely free pattern 😉 I had this pattern for sometime, but completely forgot about it, and recently saw it on insta, and arghh, sewing plans for him are getting bigger, lol

New Castle Cardigan by Thread Theory & Auden Men’s Cardigan by Jennifer Lauren

This one I’m making for my hubby and there is a fabric I’m using. I also crazily love the Auden cardigan which I hope to make for him in the future 😉 look how many options!

In case if you man doesn’t like cardigans you can try this Finlayson Sweater.

There are 5 other ladies who prepared a DIY Christmas gift’s ideas for you, check them out and make more for your loved ones :*

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!!! xo



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