No buying clothes for a year!!! Isn’t it crazy?! haha!

But let’s face it! You have clothes right now, right?! And it’s probably enough to keep going for some time, enough in quantity, right?! And you can make your own clothes))! which will fit better, have your favourite colours or prints and you’ll definitely feel so gorgeous in it!!!

So why will you buy more clothes?!

Just make it! Learn! Have fun!

Here is Anya’s blog, she was the one who created this challenge, and I without knowing it, accepted since the day I started sewing)

Today it is official! And from time to time I’ll be giving you some updates here, so stay tuned! (if you are wondering, until now it wasn’t difficult at all!)

Oh! And again forgetting, how could I?! I’m wearing Vienna Tank by Itch to Stitch and I was very inspired to make it when I saw Anya’s red one! Gorgeous! She should make more red clothes for her, right?! ))

And YES! I’m challenging you too!

Buy for now)



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