Since this tag came out, I couldn’t stop thinking about red dress, I suppose you too  There are so many ideas in my head, so many pattern-fabric interpretations for the project, that I decided – It IS TIME to organise!)) So here I’ve prepared for you, and for myself too – The Little Red Dress Project fabric inspiration.

Let me explain) I have some data base of patterns in my head, and when I’m checking out fabrics online the idea (usually the ideaS) pops in my head, and I just go for it (usually I go for it, but sometimes I block them, because there are already 10 ideas I go for, lol! So I decided to share some fabrics with you here, so our ideas can flow together and maybe we can also interchange some

I have several fabrics on my mind and several patterns (those I’m gonna share with you pretty soon!) and I can’t decide if I should go for light and flowy viscose or maybe structured cotton/linen, or maybe JERSEY! AAA!

SO! Here are some inspo for now, there are two shops here, both based in UK, but they ship internationally (I’m not getting paid by any of them, just one has SO MANY options and I’ve already shopped at there and I totally recommend it, and the other is very beautiful and has nice choices as well!)))) But! I didn’t try any of those fabrics below, so can’t talk quality ..

Oh! And check out #thelittlereddressproject inspiration on Jess blog!

All the fabrics I show you, have at least more than 51% of natural fibers. I’m a fan of natural fabrics! For special occasions I can low the % of naturality as low as 50%…but still will do my best to buy the pure one.



*This post was not sponsored. All products mentioned were purchased with my own money. All opinions are 100% my own, as always!!* Read more in DISCLAIMER