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My opinion

Ribes & Casals was the first fabric shop I’ve visited in Barcelona. It is not that I’ve planned to, it just happened. We moved to another room while looking for an apartment and I found out that we were 15 mins walk to Ribes & Casals shop! Although I was freaking tired when I discovered it, I knew what I would be doing next day!))

“I’ve decided not to go back and not to support sexual discrimination! Fabrics do not worth being lowered down!”

If you remember I’ve already shopped online in Ribes & Casals. Not all the fabric I got were really to fall in love with, but I especially loved that fabric with doggies, and black denim I’ve made my first jeans from I would recommend as fabric to try a new pattern from. Oh, and stay away from that pinky denim I used for this pants, this fabric is super flimsy, it is not something you want even as a muslin!

So many of you wrote to me that there are a lot of fabrics in the actual shop which I could see online, and I got a burning idea to visit the shop! So, I can say my dream came true!

In this post I’ll tell you what I’ve seen, what I’ve liked and didn’t. As you’ve probably seen the videos are enormous! It took me for ages to edit and then to upload (as in the apartment we live now, we still don’t have the internet, but I hope next week!! I DO hope!), so this was the principal reason why I didn’t publish anything last Sunday, so sorry guys!

If you want to watch only specific parts of the video, go to my channel on YouTube directly, as there I’ve made a little guide, where you can click and jump exactly to the part you want to watch.

And if you want to read and make it short, go to the end of this post where I put a short list of like and dislike.

Oh, and in case, you have any idea how I can make this series better, please let me know!

So, let’s strat with the Ribes & Casals shop’s info and then jump into the fabrics.

I did eliminate most of the synthetic fabrics from the video and I won’t show any photos here, although there are few choices of natural/synthetic fabrics 😉

Oh and remember I’m very picky! Most of the points you might find not relevant or not important, but I like to say what I feel, think and I expect to receive a good service if I’m gonna spend my money.

Also the decision I made in this video to not buy anything at my first video had helped me a lot! First, I could see what is in the shop and second when I came back home to write this post I realized that some of the fabrics (viscose for example) which attracted my attention in the shop do not worth it…(read Viscose down below)


Lightweight Cotton

I liked the choice of lightweight cotton fabric! There are a lot of different prints and for a different range of prices, let’s say from 5 euros to 18 euros, it’s approximate, you can see several prices I’m showing in the video.

Midweight to Heavyweight Cotton

I’ve also liked some of midweight to heavyweight cotton, I see them a really good option for some jackets for fall, and maybe skirts and pants.. but not 100% sure about the last) Oh! And some of them can make very beautiful curtains or pillows!

Midweight to Heavyweight Cotton/Poly

Choice of cotton/poly is really huge! There are different % of both and different thickness. It all left me wondering what I can use it for… Curtains, bags, cushions are what came to my mind, but about clothes? Would you use it to sew clothes? Maybe jackets…and then put silk or cotton lining, so it will feel good on the skin? What do you think? What would you do?


I cannot judge completely the choice of corduroy, as I went in summer and I managed to find corduroy fabrics under the table… I can say I liked it, but I want to see more…later, not now;)
What I saw felt mid weight to heavy weight, it is much thicker and ruder than the corduroy I got from Merchant and Mills last year… I can’t say for sure if I would buy it, it will all depend on the project I want it for, and as I said I need to see more of it.


In Ribes & Casals you can find a huge amount of denim, at least it looked huge for me, lol! There are stretchy fabrics and without elastane, so you can plan different type of projects for it! I liked several really stretchy ones to make some skinny jeans for fall/winter and I also like several non-stretchy denim that I can use for a jacket or maybe a skirt. And maybe, just maybe another pair of Morgan Jeans.

Faux Leather

I would say there is a huge amount of faux leather in Ribes & Casals! I’m not sure if you can use it to sew clothes, it can be very very sweaty choice… But to practice to make some bags can be very interesting! I’ve made a backpack from denim, which I still didn’t show to you, and I was contemplating the thought to make one from leather, but as I’m a little coward I would probably try it first from faux leather… This is where my choice for natural materials suffer!

And from that one on the photo below you can make a fancy bomber, I just hope that cotton/silk lining can make it feel better to skin…but no guarantees…


Huge, huge and huge! Haha, a lot of ikats in Ribes & Casals. But all of them are heavy… there are no lightweight cotton or viscose as I got from Minerva Crafts last year… sad, but! There are ikats! I see them in curtains, cushions, bags…what else? Any ideas?


A lot of different prints! A lot! In my case, I’m not sure if I want a tablecloth. And if I want one, it probably gonne be from linen or cotton, those which you need to wash.. lol, it takes time, but I’m very, how you call those people who like to touch things! ) haha sounds creepy now, but I’m crazy about those sensations I get when I pass my hand on fabrics, and if it’s linen, silk…omg!!!


In Ribes & Casals you will find a looot of colors of viscose lining, and it is also very cheap one! I liked it! Not sure 100% about quality, I used stretchy viscose lining only once in my sewing practice, so I can’t say if it super cool stuff, but I can say that I would try it!)


A lot of viscose prints, I did not find plain viscose, although the woman who works in Ribes & Casals told me on which table I was supposed to look for it..but on that table, I saw only poly and after it did not have any wishes to look for anything else. So, in theory, there is plain viscose fabric, but you should dig deeper, lol

I like a number of prints, but I would say it is very simple viscose fabric, it feels good, but it won’t maintain its look for long. I can compare them to ikat viscose I got from Minerva Crafts last year, I made a top out of it. I t feels great on the skin, but after few wears, it looks like I’ve been loving it for a long long time! And I got another fabric, also from Minerva Crafts and also last year, but completely different viscose! And I wore it crazily and it looks as if I bought it yesterday!
So, just keep it in mind. I don’t say don’t buy it, just think of what you wanna make and how long you want to wear it. I would say if you want to try a new style for yourself, and you are not very secure yet with the idea, then it can be really good option to buy this type of viscose! But I won’t do that either, I think that the amount of work you put into the garment, threads, time, inspiration just does not worth it. It is sad, as prints are really beautiful!!!


I was very happy to find natural silk in Ribes & Casals! There are few prints and I saw only one plain. I loved several prints!!! A lot!!! haha, I feel obsessed! The price is not very high, but also it is not cheap! I’ve seen much cheaper at lafabtessuti.com, (I’ve seen cheaper in many US fabric shops before I discovered how much I’ll pay for shipping, lol, so I only speak about acceptable prices in EU)  but I cannot speak quality here, as I’ve never sewn from silk. It is a huge field I want to conquer! hhaha I was rewatching Game of Thrones yesterday, my vocabulary got affected! lol



I did not like at all linens at Ribes & Casals. The price is way too high for the quality they offer…. and it is mostly linen/poly mixture… The one on the photo below called a lil bit of my attention, but that is it! I’ll be buying linens from Merchant & Mills and from JerseyFashion!



On the down floor of the shop you can find Merceria. It is the place there you can buy zippers, threads, bias tapes…etc And also on the down floor there are fabrics, but I didn’t like any and I’ve eliminated them completely from the video.

I like Merceria though, comparing to what I’ve seen in Mercerias in Santiago de Compostela (where I lived before) I could find  a lot more stuff in this one. There are still no Mettler threads, no YKK zipper (omg! I won’t buy any other zipper than YKK or Opti, I have very funny story to tell you about zipper adventures in the train…)…yeah internet is still winning! But! There are many cute tapes, metallic bias tapes, and there are also snaps there!


final thoughts of ribes & casals

I Dislike:

1 – I’ve been kicked once in the shop by the man who works there and he did not even say sorry (you can see in the 2nd video at 3:58), I’ve also been “pushed away” by other two man ho works there, unfortunately, I did not film that part. So, I’m really frustrated by the actions of the men who work in Ribes & Casals.

2 – Almost each fabric has a price tag with the fiber content. The problem is “almost” each fabric, some of them do not have anything and it is difficult to “make plans”. I won’t be asking each 5th fabric I’ve found how much it is and what fiber it has.

3 – The tag of fiber content is not correct all the time. I’ve touched “viscose” by tag which really (!!!!!!) felt like poly and I’ve touched “100% cotton” which had a great amount of stretch in it. Do not trust tags!

4 – A lot of poly fabrics in Ribes & Casals! I know many people use poly to sew, to wear. I do not, and there are different reasons for it. So, it is really difficult to find a good variety of natural fiber fabrics. NOTE: I removed almost all poly from the video, there are only a few examples there, but in the shop, you will find LOTS!

5 – Linens are too expensive for the quality they have and most of them are the mixture of linen/poly.

6 – I understand that we are in summer, but I found few wools in Ribes & Casals. I find that wools are too expensive for the quality they have. I won’t come back in colder season to look for a wool there.

7 – I did not like the choice of jersey, there are too many poly there. And those of viscose content which I found are really very weak if I can say so. Let’s call it acceptable but not a good quality.

8 – I would prefer to see Mettler threads in Merceria.

9 – I would prefer to see YKK zippers or Opti.

10 – Only low-quality viscose is available.

11 – I would like to see better choice and better organisation of the interfacings.

I like:

1 – Women who work in the shop are very nice.

2 – There is a column in the shop where you can stand if you want/need help. I did not know about it before, but then I wanted to ask some questions and I could not catch anyone. Then I finally asked my women who work there to help me, but she was busy with another client, and she explained to me that I need to stand by green column to be attended.


3 – I loved that I found silks there. I would like to see more plains as well. (there is a small probability that I’ve missed them, but hey! I didn’t miss millions of plain polyester!).

4 – Good choice of denims.

5 – If you feel like to sew cushions or curtains or bags you will find a huge choice of fabrics for it, in proportion probably more than fabrics for clothes.

6 – Good choice of lightweight cotton, a lot of beautiful prints.

7 – Loved different trims in Merceria.

8 – Loved metallic bias tapes in Merceria.

What do you think, should I go back? Should I close eyes of how I was treated by men who work there?



P.S. I’ve decided not to go back and not to support sexual discrimination! Fabrics do not worth being lowered down!

*This post was not sponsored. All products mentioned were purchased with my own money. All opinions are 100% my own, as always!!* Read more in DISCLAIMER