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La Casa del Retal was not on my list to visit next, but as it is the closest shop I have to where we live now (well, 30 mins walk maybe, lol, but I love walking), so I decided that it should be visited without waiting any longer! I did right! La Casa del Retal completely removed all that bad residuals after visiting Ribes & Casals, and brought me to life, making me dream about discovering more and more of fabric shopping in Barcelona!

What can I say? There is a mixture of fabrics there, with maybe 80% of quilting cotton. And I am not a quilter! But! There are so many beautiful prints!!! And 100% cotton! And I just could not resist and wished half of them to be mine forever))) ahaha

Let me share with you some of the prints I absolutely loved! Oh and apart from 100% cotton there are lots of mixtures of poly/cotton, poly/wool, pure poly, tiny bit of viscose and good choice of interfacings.. the downside is that apart from quilting cotton you won’t be able to read the composition of the fabrics. Yeah… I am not a fan of it.. and I would wish it to be slightly bit organized in term of the price label..some of the prices are difficult to read, handwriting is a little bit confusing there…

Oh! And I also found Mettler threads! Yay! So happy! Since I’ve got an advice from Paula Johnson (in YouTube comments) to try Mettler threads, a month later I managed to find them and then…..I can not sew with Gutterman anymore… Just can’t!

And in case, you have no idea what I’m doing in the series Fabric Shopping in Barcelona, – I’ve recently moved to Barcelona and I’m taking you with me to discover fabric shops of the city, what choice they have, how is customer service etc..and if I like all then I’m coming back there to film another video and actually buy the fabric) check out this post to read (or watch) more details.

La Casa del Retal

The shop is located very very close to Can Vidalet.

Telephone: 679125478

Shop online: www.lacasadelretal.com (es)

Mon-Fri 10:00-13:30 / 17:30-20:30

Sat 10:00-13:30

Sun –


Lightweight Cotton

It is quilting cotton and I’m so so in love with it! It feels fantastic! I’ve read somewhere that quilting cotton doesn’t serve well the purpose of clothesmaking, but I now I know, I’m trying it 100%!

Midweight to Heavyweight Cotton

There are few of this type of cotton, I liked one (photos down below), if you are into bag making, you will find something interesting for you! Although I keep wondering – can I make shorts out of it?

Brushed Cotton

There are also few color options, I think I saw brown, green and blue. Omg! It feels so good!!!

Cotton Jersey

Probably there are more of them, I just found only one, which really felt like cotton. But as there are no labels, it may not be it…but I still hope!

Interfacing / Batting / Wadding

Quite a big choice of interfacings, there are fusible and also sew-in. Also if you are into quilting you can find there are batting and wadding.


You can find different cutters, thimbles, rulers. Some fabrics like cork or one where you can draw with chalk.


You can find basic Gutterman. But! There are Mettler threads, if you did not try it yet for sewing, you definitely should! I also found pure silk threads for hand embroidery! I do not do hand embroidery but I want to try them for basting!


There were only a few ones! Only one I believe is 100% viscose, but other two are the viscose/ poly mix.

final thoughts of la casa del retal

I Dislike:

1 – No labels of what the fabric is made of. I would love to walk and see exactly what I am paying for.

2 – I would love the price tag to be more clear for each fabric.

3 – Bigger choice of other natural fabrics, like viscose… (my personal preference)

4 – YKK zippers or opti (my personal preference! Soon I’ll tell that humiliating story of me vs zippers, you will see why I’m voting for YKK now)

I like:

1 – The owner ( the woman who works there) is very nice and helpful.

2 – Cotton fabrics are very well organized, kind of by color scheme.

3 – You can walk and stare and many fabrics as long as you want and not buy anything and nobody judges you!

4 – Mettler threads!

5 – Silk hand embroidery threads.


What fabrics did you like most?



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