I decided to visit all fabric shops at Urquinaona metro station and thought that Donna Teixits could be a nice next fabric shop to have a look at. I took few weeks to restore my nervous system after visiting Gratacos... and I thought that I was finally ready to give it (fabric shopping in Barcelona) another try and show you all fabric shops I can possibly find here…


If you are new to this series, make sure you check this post/video to see what is happening here 😉




Donna Teixits

The shop is located very very close to Urquinaona.

Telephone: 934121564

Site (no online shopping only info): www.tejidosdonna.com

Mon-Fri 9:00-14:00 / 16:00-20:00

Sat 9:45-14:00 / 16:45-20:00

Sun –


Lightweight Cotton

Lots of different lightweight cotton, with different prints and different quality.

Midweight Cotton, Linen, Wool…

There are lots! And very good located, you can see fabrics you can use for sewing pants, skirts, lightweight jackets, shorts in one spot and choose from cottons, a mixture of cottons, linen, wool…etc…


I managed to find only with stretch, but I did not spend much time looking, maybe there are more, but there are quite a few choice in different denim color scheme (including white).


Lots of Boucle, I have not seen this quantity of boucle in other fabric shops I visited in Barcelona. Here you can find lots of different quality and price tag!


A Huge amount of color for lycra, I find it useful for swimsuits…)


Different weight of plain silks, expensive as usual, but did not work to make me feel I wanna spend my money on it.


Lots of interesting variants you can find in Donna Teixits. The different price tag and different quality, but most of them have a very interesting design!


Huge amount, BUT! Take your time because there are only a few with good quality!

I like a number of prints, but I would say it is very simple viscose fabric, it feels good, but it won’t maintain its look for long. I can compare them to ikat viscose I got from Minerva Crafts last year, I made a top out of it. I t feels great on the skin, but after few wears, it looks like I’ve been loving it for a long long time! And I got another fabric, also from Minerva Crafts and also last year, but completely different viscose! And I wore it crazily and it looks as if I bought it yesterday!
So, just keep it in mind. I don’t say don’t buy it, just think of what you wanna make and how long you want to wear it. I would say if you want to try a new style for yourself, and you are not very secure yet with the idea, then it can be really good option to buy this type of viscose! But I won’t do that either, I think that the amount of work you put into the garment, threads, time, inspiration just does not worth it. It is sad, as prints are really beautiful!!!

final thoughts of donna teixits

I Dislike:

1 – I would like to see better viscose quality because there are only a few ones with good quality and it could be good to adjust price tag for those of low quality.

2 – Maybe more options for stretchy denim could be great.

I like:

1 – People who work there are nice

2 – In the middle section of the shop, very close to the “paying place” you can get a ticket to be attended:


3 – I loved the quality of light in the shop, it is very easy to see the real tone of the colors and the texture of the fabrics!

4 – Good choice of lightweight cotton, a lot of beautiful prints.

5 – Loved the different option of interfacings.

6 – And LOVED that around 95% of the fabrics are with the price tag and composition tag!!!!!

In general, I liked the shop, it has lots of type of fabrics and very affordable prices. I can’t really wish for something special because it is gonna be my very very personal preference.

I’m definitely visiting Donna Teixits again! Oh and there are two months of discounts a year: August and January 😉



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