In this blog post, I want to share my experience of fabric shopping in Barcelona. All opinions are my own, I have not been paid to say good or bad stuff, it is all about how fabric shopping in Barcelona made me feel.

If you have not been following me, I started sewing in 2016 and all my fabrics I used to buy online (since the first day) and then in 2017 I moved to Barcelona and I was super excited to visit local shops and actually see and feel how real sewists do.

Well, my super excitement changed into disgust very very fast. And there is a very good reason for it. Well, I love good service! I’m ok with normal service, but I will never visit and buy something from the place I was treated badly or inappropriately.

My wish was to make a series of videos for you, in case you will come for holidays to Barcelona and want to do some shopping here. I wanted to show real life (and I did), and not those videos which you watch everything super nice and sweet and then you come receive a “punch in the face”. I did not want sponsored or “prepared” videos.

I wanted a real life and I got what I asked for!

My first stop was Ribes and Casals, where I was pushed as if I’m a punching bag, and by the way, now thinking and remembering, they (workers of the shop) did not only pushed me around, they behaved in the exact same way to other women (who were shopping there). So, sexism in a fabric shop, where 90% of all the shoppers are women…hmmm, this can work out only in Spain I think so… Does it happen in your country?

Next, I went, this time with Alejandro (he wanted to protect me from those “pushers”), so we went to Gratacos. Oh, it looked so fancy online, but it was located on a dirty street in real life. It made me laugh, but we ignored it later on. And, I was thinking things could not get worst, what can be worst than sexism and being a pushing bag? oh! Negligence and racism!!! You can see it all in the video I filmed with the opinion I gave when we came out.

So as you can see fabric shopping in Barcelona did not become so exciting as I was expecting!

We also visited La casa del Retal, which by my opinion has the best customer service and super warm atmosphere. The only thing it needs is some organization. It is mostly a quilting fabric shop, and all quilting fabric is super well organised, but it also has fashion fabric and it is very difficult to understand what is what there. By, hey, if you just want to buy some fabric in Barcelona, I would send you here.

And the last shop we visited was Donna Teixits. Was nice, lots of fabric, nice customer service. There was something off, but I have no idea how to describe it. But it is enough for me not to go back. But I would probably send you there, just to check out if you like something, again, only in case you can’t leave Barcelona without new fabrics.


Than terror attack happened on Rambla, and 2 weeks after it protests started. It was very very stressful time, at least for me. I love peace, I breathe peace and all type of anger around me put me in kind of bubble, I’m getting too personal here, sorry, but it is the way I am.

All that terror on the streets of Barcelona made me realize two main things:

1- I will not do things that stress me out (of course I’ll break this rule when life depends on it)

2- I will not put all the negativity I live in real life on you, you do not deserve it, and I have no right to do so. Saying this, it doesn’t mean I will convert to fancy girl who says only beautiful things about everything that surrounds her, lol, no, I won’t do it. I want to share with you my opinion and what I lived, so you will be easier for you to choose positive stuff and stay away from negative.

So, I decided not do any fabric shopping in Barcelona anymore! I will not visit any shop and you can have access to those videos I filmed only through this blog post.

I do not recommend you fabric shop in Barcelona, there is no sense in it. Just stress.

In case, you do not care about customer service and buy everything that sellers give you in the shop, just to be polite, in this case, you do not need my opinion 😉

In any case, you are free to do what you wish, just, please stay positive and be sure you enjoy every step you take. And if you do not like something, at least tiny bit, just walk away (even if it is my blog or this post), if it brings you negativity, just walk away and stay positive and happy!

There is a blacklist for home sewist and there I will share all the stuff I think provoke bad experience (or negative energy) and there is also a whitelist for home sewists, where I will share with you everything where I had a positive experience!

See you there!

Stay happy!