I got this cotton for the crochet course I’ve opened recently “Crochet a Skirt You Love“. And I’m knitting a maxi skirt)) oh my! I do hope I’m gonna love it, because, you know, I’m not a “maxi skirt” kind of gal…lol

A tiny bit about the course, nothing special, just all the details you can think of for a fantastic crochet skirt you will absolutely love! lol, well, a lot of special details I’ve learned and implemented during years of knitting and observing and also things I’ve learned from sewing, it is designed in such way, that you will be knitting 3 skirts (all 3 or choose 1), they are different in style, calculations, yarn. You will see how I work with cotton, silk or mixture, why choose one yarn and not another, how to make calculations for different types of knitting…etc, etc, etc there are all those tiny details which will make a GREAT skirt!

And the course is very appropriate even for the beginners, as long as you know how to hold a crochet hook and make basic stitches. Everything is explained in a simple way, deductive way, no complicated crochet vocabulary was used 😉 The course is on going, so you can see how I knit and take decisions one over the other, I also explain all whys 😉 it has email support and in-person support… all that just to get the perfect skirt done!

I’ve also updated my crochet hooks and I’m soo so much loving these!!!!

Ikea paper box is helping me to keep order:

And a tiny gift from Tijeras Magicas is a huge help to hold my pins (I just moved and my plastic box for pins got crushed, this tiny gift came along!):



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