I’m moving soon, don’t know where yet, but I need to be ready. I decided to make right steps, mucher wiser than I had made during my moving to Spain, lol Then I wanted to bring everything with me! And when I everything I mean EVERYTHING, lol!


This time I wanted to start fresh, have only few very loved things) Update myself and find new me. So, I was reviewing my wardrobe (it’s a huge part of a Change Program, haha) and there were a ton of things I didn’t wear, another ton that didn’t suit me right, haha and another ton of things I had for too long. So, I decided to say goodbye to the last part too.

It’s not that I didn’t use them or not loved them, it is just, that I’m different now.

And here is a little secret / conclusion – if you want your clothes to last invest in high quality material! Thus, you will spent your energy on knitting (or sewing) a piece you’ll love and adore for many years to come!

Oh and in my Change Program I also decided to renew my crochet hooks. It was difficult I confess, but I throw my old ones away and now pushing myself to buy new ones. Realized how expensive those are after throwing them away lol, but I’m determind and going to get these Clover ones (Clover are the best, I haven’t knitted with anything better!!!) soon… or at least I hope so, lol

Going back to my story. I couldn’t just throw away all those things I’ve made, loong time I spent, high quality yarn that after many years it still looks like I made it yesterday and amazing fit. Ah! I just couldn’t throw them away, I also couldn’t sell. I can’t sell things I love! So I decided to give them away) So they will be loved and worn as much I loved them or even more!

Here is what happened (Check out Hollie’s Post):

Here you can see some info of the garments and mini history in photos, lol I found some of really old photos, which were taken after I finished the garment,..and in some of them there is a blong girl..she is me, yeah lol and there is another one with very short hair, she is me too, just making all confusions go away, haha

Oh! And some of the photos are in a really LOW quality, very sorry for that! I had lost my computer info several years ago, and couldn’t recuperate so many thing!

Karen Millen Inspired

It wasn’t one of the first dresses, but definitely was the easiest one!) It was super fast to knit it, I think I only spent several days on calculating and knitting it.

Later on I also made a summer version of it.

Oh! And I also made a top..but my washing machine got rid of it…((

I used:

  • yarn – 50% merino 50% nylon (400 g approx, this yarn is super light!)
  • crochet hook – Nº 2,5

Oscar de la Renta Inspired

This top I wanted for a while before I actually decided to make it. I was afraid to combine crochet with needles. I am really good with crochet hook, but with needles…oh my! They give me headache sometimes, I just want to learn to manage them as easy as I manage the crochet hook, but it is not working out that way! argh!

But this top is my huge obsession! I plan to reknit it in another color and I WANT want want the cardigan! I plan it in merino, but still don’t know which yarn can work well for it. Any ideas? Need help!

I used:

  • yarn – 100% silk from ColourMart (600 g)
  • crochet hook – Nº 2,5
  • needles – Nº 3,5 (I doubled the yarn)

Vanessa Montoro Inspired

Hahaha! It was supposed to be a dress, but then I run out of yarn, so I made it inot a top, but then after trying it on I realised that it was giving me over 10 kg, you get what I mean , right! hahaha And then I was said for a while… until ..Alejandro proposed to make it into a skirt)) Happiness began! lol

I used:

  • yarn – 100% silk (350 g)
  • crochet hook – Nº 2,5

Victoria Secret Inspired

This was an easy one too) The yarn is super thick and I needed to use bigger crochet number, which I usually do not do, my faves are 2,5 and below)) I was expecting the color to be juicier when I was buying it online, but …when I finished it and put it on I just felt in love. You can read and check out more photos here.

I used:

  • yarn – 100% cotton (600 g approx)
  • crochet hook – Nº 3

Oscar de la Renta Inspired

My very first dress) So happy with it. Read more about it here.

I’m planning a black silk version after I get my new crochet hooks, omg! It will look so fab)

I used:

  • yarn – viscose & lurex
  • crochet hook – Nº 2

Victoria Secret Inspired

Sorry for really poor quality photos. They have been taken so long time ago, lol. This was my second make in silk, and the yarn was pretty awesome, changing it color tone under different light)

I used:

  • yarn – 100% silk
  • crochet hook – Nº 1,5

Sitka Semsch Inspired

My favourite skirt! Alejandro participated in calculations haha, I got so confused with how to make it better at the bottom, and he came up with a formula, it was so sweet!)

I’m definetly re knitting this skirt again, in blue (or white?), but this time I’m looking for silk 😉

I used:

  • yarn – 100% cotton
  • crochet hook – Nº 1,5

Looking for all these photos made me want to go and knit something! lol

But also I found some photos of my other makes, which I don’t own for some reasons I don’t remember, haha but still they were nice and beautiful) Unfortunatly I can’t find all of them…as I said I lost data ..

Here is what I found:



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