I got new knitting needles! Yay! Finally! I was thinking too long! Just too long! lol There are so many out there to choose from, but after reading lots of reviews and opinions I decided to go for Hiya Hiya knitting needles.

So, let’s get started with the overview:

  • I got mine from Amazon (the shipping was great and I got exactly what I needed, I mean the needle size)
  • they are sold in a pouch, looks like they put the most attractive one (at least for me the blue is the most attractive) and then send you random color, so be prepared for it!
  • from point of view of sewer the pouch is not well sewen, but (!) I asked myself very fast if I want to sew one to store my needles and the response was – oh no! So, the pouch is not greatly sewn, but definitely good enough!
  • the pouch has different extra pockets inside and out. So, I bought needles Nº 3 (my fav to knit) and had place to store them in the same pouch
  • I also put my crochet hooks in the same pouch, very comfy!


  • super light
  • very strong
  • very comfortable to hold
  • they slide perfectly
  • the cable “moves”, so you will not have twisted situation if you know what I’m talking about)
  • each needle has a number, so won’t get lost

Well, I am expressing my point of view remembering my first needles which were not circular and super uncomfortable and I was punching Alejandro from time to time and after them, I had bamboo circular needles by Clover. I loved them, but (!) I could not knit during summer (sweaty hands), “twisted” cable situation happened all the time and some yarn did not slide well enough… yeah!

I tried knitting alpaca with silk (looks like mohair) and different thickness of merino by now, and I love these needles for it a lot!

If you have not checked it by now, this Hiya Hiya knitting needles set includes:

  1. one pouch
  2. six knitting needles of 11cm when you twist them with cable and 11,75cm non-twisted with cable (2,75mm / 2US; 3,25mm / 3US; 3,5mm / 4US; 3,75mm / 5US; 4mm / 6US;  4,5mm / 7US)
  3. three cables (24,3cm; 64,2cm; 84,4 cm)
  4. one metal thing to twist or untwist your cables (last photo)
  5. two silicon (?) pads to help to hold needles while you twist your needles with cable (last photo)

I also bought an extra knitting needle pair of 3mm, just because I love to knit with 3mm!)

Well, I think that is it, if something else will occur, I will add it here and let you know through email (in case you are subscribed, if not yet, I’m waiting for ya!))

Do you have favorite knitting needles? Did you try Hiya Hiya?



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