Here is getting warmer and sunnier, yay for spring! Actually I’m a summer person, but I love any temperature rising time, lol)
So, here is a sweater I’ve finished in January (more info for knitters down below). Can’t say that it is my favorite, but there is something about that I love, don’t what exactly though, hehe

The outfit is simple (I’m for simple styling during winter and any other cold seasons, lol). I love skinny jeans + sweater + peacoat and heels for some extra “a little bit better looking”. Because you know, winter makes me boring…ha!


  • Sweater – Self invented) I wanted to try honeycomb pattern, and just needed to combine it with something else.
  • Pattern – Honeycomb + English Elastic
  • Yarn – I used cashmere/cotton yarn in Crudo, I’ve knitted 2 yarns together. Well, the yarn is nice and soft, but it stretches as crazy on my elbows… arhm I bought 1 kg, so still thinking what to knit from what is left…
  • Needles – 3,5 for the elastic (down the body and down the sleeves, just to start first rows) and 4 for the body
  • Time – It took me for ages! The yarn is a little bit “difficult” to knit. I’ve never experienced it before, so I have no idea explaining why..
  • Complexity – Medium. The honeycomb pattern is fun to knit but it takes its time as well as English elastic pattern (sorry if it is called differently in other parts of the world, there is a link above, so you can see what I’m referring to.

It was my second and last raglan sweater. It made me realize that

  1. I prefer to sew pattern pieces together – the reason is that it’s so UNCOMFORTABLE to have the whole sweater on the knees while knitting, it’s heavy and makes me feel a whale, lol
  2. Raglan is not “my type” – I’m about 90-70-100 (it changes from time to time, depending on the quantity of squats I make, lol), but as I noticed raglan sweater are not flattering for this figure. It looks a little bit to say…?

And believe me I followed all possible rules there are in knitting raglan, but my body type is looking for different sweaters)

I’ll tell you more about knitting raglan when I’ll show my first raglan sweater here (it’s coming soon)

P.S. Checking links for you, I realized how expensive cashmere sweaters are and how cheap mine came out, hehe


Peacoat – J.Crew
Sweater – DIY
Coated Jeans – Just Female
Ankle Boots – Bocage
Bag – Kate Spade
Watch – Guess



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