This was never ending project for me…phh, I was not happy when the yarn came to me, it was not what I expected, so many trials and errors, trying to find the best fit for it.. And I did! Well, I saw the photo online, don’t remember where and now even I can’t find it in my pc…So, it was an inspiration from the journal, and it was supposed to be much smaller, but it grew like crazy, hehe, I decided to see how it will come out, I’m happy I liked it a lot in the end))

It has very easy kimono structure, so can take any pattern you like and put it into kimono shape. I’ve tried myself and knitted it from one sleeve to another, it has its purpose in the shape of the final garment, but I will never ever do it again! It was so uncomfortable knitting, I totally didn’t enjoy it. I know now for myself I need to knit separate pieces and then connect them (this is only about needles, because with crochet I love and always knit without seams))

The day was amazing, and I had a huge contradiction with the bees in the flowers above me, lol, they were not that happy that a girl is trying to pose under their flowers, hehe)


Knit Kimono by me

Kate Spade bag

Birkenstock Gizeh sandals

Zara pants



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