Crochet tunic is something I wanted for a while! And it is kind of simple thing to crochet, but I had no idea where and how to wear it… I lived in Santiago de Compostela and when we traveled to the beach, the water is pretty cold there and from another point of view when it was sunny in Galicia and I was on the beach I wanted only sun (swim suit is always included, lol!) touch my skin!

And finally, I decided that it was not relevant anymore and started knitting this tunic! I planned to sew (sewing I learned later..) a mini dress to wear with this tunic or separately, but that dress never came to life, lol!

Living in Barcelona gave me full-time access to the beach and of course, this tunic got its use! But I still want to sew that dress to wear under it… And with the crazy choice of fabrics, prints…etc  I just can’t decide!

How do you think what’s the best: plains or print? Any suggestions for color: contrast or not?



planning my sewing with hWardrobe ebook

yarn information

yarn: silk/cotton

crochet hook = 2



bust – 93 cm (36,6 in)

waist – 77 cm (30,3 in)

hips – 101 cm (39,7 in)


Earrings made by me



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